Enterprise Services Notes Consolidation Progress

Formed in October 2011 with the consolidation of all or parts of five state agencies, Enterprise Services brought together 1,082 employees from a wide variety of disciplines to provide services that improve state government efficiency and economy.

The diversity of the agency’s work can be found on the “Services” link at the top of any web page on this site. Enterprise Services has experts in everything from contracting to care and maintenance of the state capitol grounds to managing and supporting statewide information technology projects and applications.

Since October 2011, the agency has created operating efficiencies that have allowed it to reduce its staff yet maintain and, in some cases, expand its level of services.

Among several statewide projects embarked upon:

In addition, Enterprise Services negotiated a new office supplies contract for state government that reduces costs by 21 percent and saves about $6 million every two years.

Among other recent services:

  • Assisting the Liquor Board by selling thousands of items from the closure of its liquor stores.
  • Worked with agencies to identify 49 SUVs that can be replaced by more fuel-efficient sedans.
  • Merged mail distribution operations of two agencies into one, resulting in a reduction in building leases and elimination of redundant machinery.
  • Conducted an online auction of 1,700 pounds of antlers seized from poachers, which raised $21,000 for the Department of Fish and Wildlife anti-poaching program.

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