Contracting & Purchasing

Name Web Word PDF Excel
A15A Purchase Requisition Word
A16E Emergency Purchase Word
A17 Field Order
Best Value Bid Weighting Calculator Excel
Master Contract Terms and Conditions PDF
ITPS Master Contract Quarterly Activity Report​ Excel
Reciprocity Preferences and Penalties Table Web
Request for Revision Word
Solicitation Amendment Word
Statewide Payee Registration Form​ ​PDF
Submit Contract Feedback Web
Vendor and Contract Performance Feedback Web
Work Order Template Word
Work Order Amendment Template Word


Construction: Consultants, Contractors, Project Managers

Name Word PDF Excel
Advertisements for Bids Word
Bid Proposal Form Word
Certificate of Insurance (S.F. 500 A) Word
Certificate of Substantial Completion Excel
Change Order Proposal (COP) - effective 12/9/2013​ Excel
Conditions of the Agreement​ PDF​
Conditions of the Agreement - Summary of Changes PDF
Invoice - Contractor Excel
Design Guidelines and Constructions Standards​ PDF
Diverse Business Inclusion Plan Criteria​ PDF
Engineering and Architectural Services
Long Form Agreement
Engineering and Architectural Services
Short Form Agreement
Emergency Declaration Word
Field Authorization (FA) - effective 6/19/2013 Excel
Form 330 Architect-Engineer Qualifications Word
Instructions for Architects/Engineers Doing Business with EAS PDF
Instructions to Bidders, General Conditions, Supplemental Conditions PDF
Invoice - Consultant, Percent Fee (A19-2AE1) Excel
Invoice - Consultant, Fixed fee (A19-2AE1) Excel
Invoice Instructions - contractors Word
Invoice Instructions - consultants Word
Plan Centers​ Word
Pre-Construction Checklist Word
Project Budget Worksheet Excel
Statement of Apprentice and Journeyman Participation Excel


Name Word PDF Excel
ESCO Completion Checklist PDF
Energy Completion Notice PDF
Energy Field Authorization/Change Order Proposal forms Excel
Energy Invoice - Fixed Fee - Professional Services (A19-2AE1) Excel
Energy Invoice Form - Blank - Construction Services (A19-2AE2) Excel

Enterprise Wide Transportation

Name Word PDF Excel
Safe Driving Practices Acknowledgement Statement PDF
Valid License to Drive and Driving Experience Statement PDF
Risk Management and Safety Checklist for Drivers PDF


HR & Personnel

Personnel forms are located on the State HR site
Includes forms for job seekers, state employees, HR managers

Mail & Printing

Name Web Word PDF Excel
Mail Supply Order Form Web


Real Estate

Web Word PDF Excel
2005 Leased Space Requirements (LSRs) PDF
Construction Bid Cost Breakdown Form (pages 10-11 of LSRs) Excel
Accessibility Addendum to LSRs Word  
Accessibility (ADA) Check list Word  
Addendum to LSRs - Office of the Attorney General     PDF  
Addendum to LSRs - Dept. of Social and Health Services Word
Energy Consumption Survey Excel
Energy Walk-thru Survey Word
LEED Version 2.2 Checklist/Scorecard Excel
Alteration Request Form​ Web
Standard Lease Sample PDF
Interim Work - Exhibit I to lease document for new space Word PDF
Janitorial Specifications - Exhibit J to lease document Word PDF
Delegated State Rental Agreement Word  
Delegated State Rental Agreement for Parking Space Word PDF
Lease Renewal Request Form Word PDF
Modified Pre-design (OFM) (requests for new space) Web
Parking Requirements and Exemption Guidelines PDF
Tenant Estoppel and/or Subordination document request Word PDF
Alternatives to Performance Criteria and Specifications ​ Word ​
Lease Proposal Forum - August 2013  Word​