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Public Works Procurement

Stormwater Management Plan for the Capitol Campus

The permit was issued to the Department of General Administration, prior to its merger with all or parts of four other agencies into the Department of Enterprise Services in October 2011.

Tort Claim Indemnity Payout Analysis

Green Building Report

Department of Enterprise Services reports periodically on the progress of green building efforts for public facilities in Washington.

Portfolio Manager Benchmarking Report

General Administration Building Predesign

Capitol Campus Hillside Stabilization Report

Contracting & Purchasing Materials

Manuals and guides

Reports information

Real Estate: Reports, Manuals and Miscellaneous

Annual Leased Facilities Report

GeneralWord PDF
Alteration/Technical Assistance/Change Order Request  
Lease Renewal Base Services Task List PDF
Lease Solicitation Manual PDF
New Lease Base Services Task List PDF
Operation of Leased Facilities HandbookWord PDF
Preferred Leasing Areas Policy PDF
Preferred Leasing Areas, definitions and maps (maps include Preferred Development Areas) PDF
Request for Delegation of AuthorityWord 
Space Allocation Standards for State Office Facilities Policy PDF
Space Allocation Standards Manual PDF
Space Allocation Standards Report cover memo PDF
Space Allocation Standards Report Volume 1 Conclusions and Recommendations​PDF
Space Allocation Standards Report Volume 2 Technical Report​PDF