Time, Leave and Attendance Project

TLA IconThe goal of the Time, Leave and Attendance (TLA) Project is an efficient time, leave and attendance process that can work for all of state government. Initially, the program will focus on implementations at the departments of Transportation and Ecology (See Partnerships).

We're counting down to "go" at TLA

The TLA project teams are making solid progress towards implementing a new time, leave and attendance solution!

Ecology and Transportation continue their TLA readiness efforts:

  • Ecology's TLA teams are working to resolve configuration requirements, validating reporting requirements, working out details of a single sign-on feature and preparing for testing. The Organizational Change Management (OCM) team has finished their analysis of business process changes, and is developing action items to ensure end users receive the appropriate level of engagement, communication and training for a successful transition to TLA.
  • Transportation's Business Requirements Documents (BRDs) for the non-marine group have been completed, and functional design is under way and expected to be complete in October. The OCM team is conducting OCM Manager and Supervisor Training across the state. Change agents continue to meet with employees to bring awareness of TLA and answer TLA questions.

The TLA application is scheduled for "lights on" before the end of the year, at which point Enterprise Services moves Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS), Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and integration layer code to production. Leading up to this, the TLA testing team has been essentially "checking the plumbing" -- assessing the ability of data to flow "through the plumbing," using sample data from Ecology and packaged in the integration layer with information from AFRS and HRMS, then into TLA. Testers are working to emulate employee entry of time, leave and attendance to observe how the application is handling data.

As the buzz about TLA increases, Enterprise Services continues resource development to support "agency readiness" and "agency onboarding" activities. The majority of an agency's effort will focus on its business processes and how they'll work with -- or need to be adjusted for -- TLA. Particularly for mid- to large-size agencies, one of the first lessons learned has been that TLA is more than just a time sheet! It's about all the assumptions and processes that support every agency's ability to interact with the time, leave and attendance data for its employees -- as well as the systems that rely on that data.

Next step: A survey to build a complexity model. This will contribute to an estimate of the level of effort required for an agency to implement TLA. This model will give the project and an agency a better understanding of the kinds of activities and, hopeully, a much more realistic idea of the minimum amount of time an agency should expect to need to prepare prior to onboarding to TLA. The survey should be out to agencies no later than early November.