Time, Leave and Attendance Project

TLA IconThe goal of the Time, Leave and Attendance (TLA) Project is an efficient time, leave and attendance process that can work for all of state government. Initially, the program will focus on implementation at the Department of Ecology, followed by bringing TLA to the Department of Transportation (See Partnerships).


Vendor Day: March 30, 2015

The State of Washington welcomes system integration vendors interested in discussing the state's TLA project to join a Vendor Day on March 30, 2015. Read more.

TLA leadership changes

Effective Dec. 8, 2014, leadership for the TLA project was transferred to the Office of Financial Management (OFM) as Human Resources business owner for the state, with Glen Christopherson, assistant director for State Human Resources, and Denise Doty, One Washington project director, at the helm.

New approach helps Ecology reach TLA milestone

New implementation approach

In order to expedite the completion of TLA at Ecology, the project has adopted a new implementation approach. The objective is to implement a high-quality solution there as quickly as possible.

Both state and vendor resources are focusing on implementing Ecology first, then moving forward with the Department of Transportation.

One major change is that key WorkForce Software and Department of Enterprise Services (DES) project team members are now working on site at Ecology's Lacey building. This enables daily face-to-face meetings between project and agency team members, resulting in more efficient communication, and quicker issue identification and resolution. Team members can review and validate, in the shortest time possible, that their work meets Ecology's expectations. Subject matter experts from various programs throughout the agency also participate to provide input and validate the solution will work effectively.

Approval of design

The result of the hard work on the part of Ecology, DES, Office of Financial Management (OFM) and WorkForce Software staff is that the design for Ecology was accepted in January! The design essentially documents how the new product will support Ecology's business needs -- for example, how staff enter a site log, or work activity description, in TLA.

The path forward

Following configuration, the Ecology teams will begin testing (currently scheduled to begin in March 2015). The Ecology project team is working closely with WorkForce Software and DES to develop the detailed testing plan. The plan will include when it will occur, who will participate and where it will happen.

Ecology plans to use a phased approach to implement the solution, with the Fiscal and IT teams being the first users. This approach has two main benefits:

  • The team can address any final issues not found in testing.
  • Training materials and other supporting documentation can be updated before the rest of the agency goes live with TLA.