Time, Leave and Attendance Project

TLA IconThe goal of the Time, Leave and Attendance (TLA) Project is an efficient time, leave and attendance process that can work for all of state government. Initially, the program will focus on implementations at the departments of Transportation and Ecology (See Partnerships).

TLA "lights on" successes benefit all agencies

Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014, was the official date for TLA's "lights on," although technically, the team met this goal three days early. "Lights on" means Enterprise Services promoted Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS), Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and integration layer code to production. These have been successfully tested in a blend of connectivity and functionality testing. Basically, data was pushed all the way through the system, and verified at the end. And cursory testing shows we are able to use the time data from EmpCenter (WorkForce Software's system) -- meaning if time comes out of EmpCenter, it can be paid in HRMS.

As part of the work done for "lights on," the team was able to address a long-standing agency "wish list" item. For years, agencies have been asking for quicker exchange of data between AFRS and HRMS. Now, we've given it to them -- in a matter of seconds. This enhancement will help reduce errors and re-work in payroll processing.

In the past, the AFRS chart of account codes were only uploaded to HRMS on a nightly basis. This delayed the process for attaching newly created account codes to employees in HRMS. Sometimes, this meant a multi-day process to attach the account codes to the employees or positions, causing re-work if the account was not available.

As part of the work towards "lights on," Enterprise Services implemented an interface that will update HRMS and AFRS chart of account codes in near real time. This adds business value in several ways:

  • Human resources staff no longer have to wait overnight for HRMS to receive the AFRS chart of account codes, reducing the amount of re-work.
  • This solution benefits all agencies -- not just TLA agencies.
  • This interface is a foundation for future interfaces being built. TLA agencies have a business requirement to upload work activity codes to HRMS, and AFRS codes to EmpCenter in the same manner. For both of these interfaces, half of the solution is already implemented.