Installing the Citrix XenApp Client

The Account Ability application as made available by Department of Enterprise Services requires that the user install the Citrix XenApp® client. XenApp is a product that allows a PC-based application to work over an inter- or intranet connection, without having to install the application itself on the workstation. The XenApp client connects the user's workstation with the XenApp server and these components "channel" the Account Ability application to you as if it were running on your workstation.

The version of the XenApp client that is installed by the Citrix server for Account Ability is 11.2.

About Automatic Installation

Installing the client is automatic only if you as the user have administrative rights on your workstation. If you are able to install other software products on your own initiative without the intervention of your workstation support department, then when you try to access the Account Ability product for the first time, the XenApp® server will detect that you don't have the client already installed, and will work with you to install it. That is described in the Automatic Installation section below.

Please note: if the Account Ability user is currently a user of the Accounts Receivable system offered by DES (previously offered by OFM), a compatible version of the Citrix XenApp client is already installed on their workstation. The Account Ability XenApp server will recognize this and pass the user through without offering to install anything.

HOWEVER, if an Account Ability user who installed version 11.2 of the client becomes a user of the Accounts Receivable system, they will not be able to use the AR system. While the AR portal will pass the user through to the AR application, AR will not actually work with v11.2. It will be necessary to remove v11.2 and install v11.0 from the AR server. Account Ability will work fine with v11.0.