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Lynda courses are available in the Learning Management System. If your agency chooses to purchase “training bundles” ($35 per employee annually*), you will have access to the entire Lynda library of courses, plus all newly created courses added throughout the year.

Here at DES we know that learning is absolutely vital and we are proud to offer a flexible e-learning platform to help Washington State employees meet their performance & development goals.
Through some amazing contract negotiation DES was able to secure a contract with that offers a solution which works around people’s schedules and can be fully tailored to your needs. For only $35 per person per subscription term (Current one ends on December 1st 2017). This is over 90% savings.*
With individuals can create their own learning paths, managers and learning partners have the ability to curate and target instruction to their employees, and administrators can manage learning while establishing benchmarks to demonstrate improvement.
With an online library of more than 3,700 high quality instructional courses taught by industry experts, is designed for every learning type and is available 24/7. Meet your learning & development goals by:

  • Providing top quality training designed for optimal learning
  • Providing enhanced Playlists to meet a wide variety of needs and allowing you to create playlists for you and/or your employees that address your current needs
  • Review assessments & measure improvement data
  • Receive credit for completed courses in the LMS (Completed courses from are manually uploaded into the LMS several times a year)
  • Assign training to individuals, teams or agency-wide and view progress and completion reports
  • Receiving continued customer support from DES Miranda Culley 
  • We recommend you watch the How to use video.


How to sign up for a subscription:

Go to:

Type in your work email address

Check your email inbox for a sign up email from

Follow the instructions in the email (click on the link) and finish creating your account


*The price of $35 is current and is subject to change. DES is currently reviewing the price to ensure cost recovery but any change would not be retroactive.

Get to Know Lynda


  • Expert instructors and Hollywood-quality production
  • Bookmarks for favorite sections and easy reference
  • Downloadable exercise files that reinforce retention
  • Agency bundle provides unlimited access to 4,000+ courses for all employees
  • New courses added every week at no additional cost
  • Click here to view the courses offered

For Employees:

  • Keep pace with technology, and grow professionally
  • Explore hundreds of topics in multimedia, design, web development, and social media
  • Build presentation, time management, leadership, communication, and other business skills
  • Get immediate, just-in-time answers to questions
  • Support the daily workflow

For Managers:

  • Develop business skills
  • Support employee onboarding
  • Promote individualized learning
  • Provide employee performance support
  • Supplement or replace books
  • Simplify technology migrations