Stakeholder Provided Information Relevant to Capitol Lake

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Allen Miller

Ben Dennis

Capitol Lake Improvement Improvement & Protection Association (CLIPA)

David Milne

Capitol Lake and Puget Sound - An Analysis of the Use and Misuse of the Budd Inlet Model

  1. Introduction to Simulation and Modeling: Good Simulation, Mistaken Interpretations
  2. The Computer Gets Many Wrong Answers
  3. The Simulated (and Real) Roles of Organic Carbon
  4. Blank Page
  5. Miscellaneous Errors: Capitol Lake Protects Budd Inlet's Water Quality
  6. The Late-Season Departure of Organic Carbon: An Alternative Hypothesis
  7. Capitol Lake: Errors and Mis-characterizations
  8. References
  9. Appendices

Emmett O'Connell & Helen Wheatley

Greg Schundler

Russ McMillan