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Overnight and extended parking on Deschutes Parkway


The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is addressing issues with overnight and extended parking on Deschutes Parkway that are raising concerns about public health, safety and the environment.

Immediate actions

DES and the Washington State Patrol (WSP) are taking a number of immediate actions:

  • WSP is conducting patrols and user engagement.
  • DES and WSP have provided people information on where waste can be dumped at no cost in Thurston County as well as resources for shelter, housing and social services.
  • DES and WSP are responding on a case-by-case basis to investigate reports of sewage dumping, abandoned vehicles, and other issues.

Rulemaking effort

The agency filed a formal notice (CR 101) to conduct rulemaking to adopt enforceable restrictions on parking on the Capitol Campus, with a focus on Deschutes Parkway. DES is committed to developing an implementation plan in coordination with regional and community partners along with the rule.

DES is at the early stages of the process: Research, scoping and initial stakeholder engagement.

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Phase 1 highlights

November-January 10: DES sought initial public comments via an online feedback form. View a summary of the comments.

In December: DES held initial workshops with:

Phase 2 highlights

January 2020

Jan. 3-10: Engagement and listening sessions with affected parkers.
Jan. 8: Listening session with Housing Action Team.
Jan. 8: Listening session with Greater Regional Outreach Workers League (GROWL).
Jan. 30 and March 9: Listening sessions with campus event permit holders.

February 2020 (to date)

Feb. 10: Listening session with neighborhood associations.

Feb. 18: Listening session 1 with campus tenants 

Feb. 20: Listening session 1 with historic preservation organizations

March 4: Listening session 1 with business organizations 

Upcoming activities
TBA: Listening session(s) with environmental health agencies 



DES commitments

  • A robust process that includes stakeholder input and to finding a sustainable and fair solution
  • A regional approach that involves working with partners, including nearby jurisdictions
  • Drafting an implementation plan along with the rule in coordination with regional and community partners
  • Fulfilling our commitment for stewardship of the Capitol Campus in a way that meets priorities set forth in state law (RCW and WAC) and principles identified in the campus master plan.

More information

DES Policy and Rules Manager Jack Zeigler, (360) 407-9209,