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Beginning January 1, 2013 DES was authorized to contract for all goods and services needed to support and maintain agency operations, except as otherwise provided in law. The Director of DES was also charged with establishing policies for delegating authority to state agencies. Delegation policies must be based on a risk assessment process developed by the department and specify restrictions as to dollar amount or specific types of goods and services. DES -090-00 – Delegation of Authority was established on December 21, 2012 and interim letters of delegated authority were issued at the same.

Per RCW 39.26.090(5)

  • The Director has authority to delegate to agencies authorization to purchase goods and services.
  • The authorization must specify restrictions as to dollar amount or to specific types of goods and services
  • The authorization must be based on a risk assessment process developed by the department.
  • May not delegate to a state agency the authorization to purchase goods and services if the agency is not in substantial compliance with overall procurement policies as established by the director

In November 2012, in collaboration with thirteen state agencies and higher education entities, a Risk Assessment Pilot project was kicked off. Between November 2012 and December 2013, the project developed and finalized risk matrix/risk factors and developed parameters for delegation and oversight as related to the assessed level of risk. Each pilot agency used the assessment tool and started operating under their delegation and oversight authorities. The pilot subsequently issued a final report and tool to be rolled out to other agencies. The original tool had approximately 48 questions/areas of assessment which through the pilot process were narrowed down to approximately 18 questions/areas of assessment.

The pilot project will continue wrapping up through April 2014, using the updated assessment tool. The assessment tool is being rolled out state-wide in early March. Agencies who did not participate in the pilot will have several weeks to complete the assessment tool and return it to DES for the next steps. Please see the following for details:

Risk Assessment Pilot Agencies:

  • Department of Enterprise Services
  • Department of Social and Health Services
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Labor and Industries
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Early Learning
  • Health Care Authority
  • State Investment Board
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
  • Office of Minority and Women Owned Businesses
  • University of Washington
  • Evergreen State College
  • Olympic College