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Marathon Park parking lot to close during oil spill clean-up

OLYMPIA - There will be increased activity in Capitol Lake and Marathon Park as clean-up efforts from the Olympia Brewery Transformer oil spill continue.

Starting May 31, the parking lot for Marathon Park will become a staging area for the cleanup and closed for public use. Parking is available nearby along Deschutes Parkway.

There will be minimal impacts to pedestrians. Flaggers will be on site to direct pedestrians. Park restrooms will be available for use.

Temporary repairs for Pritchard Building ramps will improve safety

Enterprise Services Building & Grounds crews recently patched several cracks in the ramps in front of the Joel M. Pritchard Building on the Capital Campus.

The work will help prevent tripping injuries, and make the ramps more accessible.

The repairs are temporary until capital funding is made available for a permanent repair or complete replacement.


Water leaks in the Plaza Garage are being investigated

Construction crews on the East Plaza are investigating the cause of leaks into the Plaza Garage that began Tuesday, May 14. The source is suspected to be trapped water leaking through conduits exposed during the construction. As crews continue to locate the sources of the water leaks, they will take measures to minimize the impacts to parkers and their vehicles. This may be an ongoing issue as crews continue demolition work this spring.

Puget SoundCorps activities on Capitol Campus next week will help protect water quality in Puget Sound

A Puget SoundCorps crew will remove invasive plant species on the Capitol Campus to help protect Puget Sound water quality April 29 through May 2. 

The crew will remove English ivy and other invasive species that harm trees in forested areas on both East and West Campus.

Celebrate Arbor Day Friday April 26

CAPITOL CAMPUS- A new tree will be planted on the Capitol Campus during an Arbor Day celebration on Friday, April 26. The event will be held between the Capitol and Insurance buildings from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

About the Event

Join Gov. Jay Inslee and Department of Natural Resources State Forester George Geissler, supported by the Department of Enterprise Services for the event and commemorative tree planting. Also hear the Capitol Campus Child Care Center children sing their Arbor Day song. The event will begin with a drum ceremony by the Squaxin Island Tribe.

April 27 rally to bring estimated 2,500 to Capitol Campus

Enterprise Services has issued a permit for a rally this weekend that organizers say could bring up to 2,500 people to the state Capitol Campus in Olympia. The event is expected to affect traffic and parking on the campus. 

Many rally participants are expected to openly carry firearms, as allowed under state law. There is no prohibition against openly carrying guns on the grounds of the state Capitol Campus in Olympia. 

Tree work scheduled on Capitol Campus April 24

OLYMPIA — Tree work will be performed on Kwanzan cherry trees along both sides of Cherry Lane April 24 beginning at 6:30 a.m.

The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services has contracted with Wolbert’s Plant Care Essentials to spray the trees with a fungicide to prevent brown rot fungus.

No roads or sidewalks will be closed, but the work may impact pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians will be redirected around active spray areas. 

Tree work scheduled on Capitol Campus on Tuesday, April 9, to address winter weather damage

OLYMPIA — Tree pruning will be done at various Capitol Campus locations on Tuesday, April 9, throughout the day.

The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services has contracted with Timm’s Tree Care for the pruning effort, which aims to improve tree health and ensure public safety. The work will include removing branches that were damaged during winter storms.

Tree work scheduled on Capitol Campus Monday, March 18

OLYMPIA — Biofertilizer will be applied to Kwanzan cherry trees along Cherry Lane on West Capitol Campus on Monday, March 18, from 6 to 9 a.m. The work, originally scheduled for February, was postponed due to inclement weather. 

The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services has contracted with Wolbert's Plant Essentials for the work, which aims to improve tree health.

The contractor also will treat the historic Bush butternut tree on West Campus to control butternut blister mites, which are affecting the tree.  

History of Women in Washington State Government tours coming this month

Hear about amazing women from all three branches of government who broke barriers, and see the spaces where they made history happen, during History of Women in Washington State Government tours. The tours will take place inside the historic Legislative Building.

In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, three tours that focus on women of historical significance who played a role in Washington State Government and women’s suffrage in Washington will be offered by the volunteers from Capitol Security and Visitor Services.