Surplus Retail Store's Grand Re-opening event generates record sales

People viewing an item at the Surplus Grand Re-opening event.

Hundreds of people attended Washington State Surplus Retail Store’s Grand Re-opening last Saturday (June 15), and they didn’t leave empty handed.

The store reported a record of more than $22,000 in daily sales for June 15. That’s four times the amount of a typical Saturday.

Celebrate the State Surplus Retail Store's Grand Re-opening on June 15

The Washington State Surplus Retail Store in Tumwater is holding a Grand Re-opening on June 15 to showcase improvements to the physical space and to tout the larger variety and quality of items for sale to the public.

The store will be open extended hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 15th.

One-day closure set for June 14

In order to prepare for the event, the store will be closed on June 14.

Let Santa shop at Surplus this year

Inside the Surplus retail store, with furniture, electronics and other items.

Shopping locally this holiday season?

Why not try the Washington State Surplus Operations retail store?

Located at 7511 New Market St. SW, Tumwater, the store is a treasure trove of office supplies, electronics, furniture and other items.

Partnership with Goodwill cuts waste, supports job development

March 12, 2012

TUMWATER – A state partnership with the Tacoma Goodwill helps develop job opportunities, protects the environment and offers consumers good deals on a variety of quality used merchandise.

Tight budgets are causing state and local governments, as well as school districts, to downsize, creating an increase of inventory at the State Surplus facility in Tumwater. From desks to filing cabinets to computers, what isn’t sold to public institutions, non-profits or the general public gets recycled.

Veteran service organizations receive 108 refurbished laptops to help veterans find homes, health care and employment

Enterprise Services Surplus Operations and the state Department of Veterans Affairs are partnering with the Federal Surplus Personal Property Program to make 108 laptops available to six veteran service organizations under the FOR VETS Act of 2010. The laptops will be used to help veterans find jobs, receive vocational support and training, and apply for disability and medical benefits.

Antler auction racks up funds to nab poachers

June 13, 2012

Money will reward witnesses who report violators

OLYMPIA – Thousands of trophy antlers seized from poachers by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and sold through an online auction have netted state government more than $21,000 to continue the fight against wildlife poaching.

Rates have changed for many DES services

A number of rate structure changes took effect on July 1, 2013. Working in collaboration with many of our customers, DES sought to establish rates that are clear, easy to understand and easy to explain. Our goals also included ensuring that customers understand the details behind the charges. 

State program provides free computers to Riverside School District

OLYMPIA – The Riverside School District on the east side of the state will receive more than 100 free computers, laptops and monitors Feb. 26 through a state program designed to aid students throughout Washington.

The district will receive 90 computers, eight laptops and 48 monitors through the long-running Computers for Kids program. Seven computers will go to Riverside Elementary and the rest of the equipment will go to Riverside High School.