Updates to Language Access Master Contracts


DES working to update contracts, seeking customer feedback

The Department of Enterprise Services is working to update the state master contracts for in-person, over the phone (OPI) and video remote (VRI) interpreter services, as directed by Senate Bill 6245 which passed in 2018, (RCW 39.26.300). Public entities are mandated by state and federal laws to provide interpreter services, and the new state law made changes to how interpreter services are procured and administered.

DES is working on new procurement solicitations to fulfill the bill requirements. DES is committed to being transparent throughout this process, and to working closely with customer agencies and the vendor community.

New Contracts

  • The contract for over the phone (OPI) and video remote interpreter (VRI) services went live on March 3, 2020. See the contract summary page for more information: 02819 Master Contract OPI VRI


  • The contract for in-person services must be in place by September, 2020. DES will be issuing the procurement in spring of 2020.

Current Work

A Request for Proposals has been issued for OPI and VRI interpreter services. DES has selected an Apparent Successful Bidder. DES is advising customers to use the Direct Buy option if the contract award is past March 4 (current contract expiration date) to fill immediate needs, and as needed during the transition from the current contract (# 05614) to  a new contract.  

DES is actively working with customer agencies as the agency moves forward with a new procurement solicitation for in-person services.

Past work

DES actively worked with customer agencies to design and prepare the new procurement solicitation for OPI and VRI services.

As part of its market research, DES posted two Requests for Information (RFIs) to gather information on the services and software offered by the vendor community.

Collecting feedback

DES wants to hear your thoughts and concerns. The agency will be reaching out periodically for specific feedback.

Please feel free to contact us with information or feedback anytime throughout the process.