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A proviso in section 150(10)(a) of the 2019-2021 operating budget requires DES to receive, compile, and submit a list of IT contracts for all state agencies and higher ed. DES must submit this report to the legislative fiscal committees October 31 of each year.

Report Cycle

The IT Contracts Report is an annual report providing a snap shot of all state agency and higher education active IT contracts as of June 30 of each year. Reports are due to DES by October 15 every year. Submit your completed report.

Reporting Spreadsheet

The report needs to include agency name, contract number, vendor name, contract term start and end dates, the contract dollar amount in total, contract dollar amount by state fiscal year, and type of service delivered. The types of service are defined by Technology Business Management IT Towers. We have included all the required fields in the IT Contracts Reporting Template.

What's Included in the Report?

All active IT Contracts as of June 30 need to be reported.

What is an IT Contract? If a contract is for a good and/or service that falls under one of the IT Towers or meets the definition of IT under RCW 43.105.020 sections 6 thru 9, the contract should be reported. Collaboration between your agencies contracts team, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Financial Officer may be needed to complete the report. Use your best judgment when reporting contracts.

Still not sure? Check the Frequently Asked Questions, IT Contracts Reporting Guide, or email

Publicly Accessible Reports

After contracts are reported, DES will submit the report to the legislative fiscal committees as well as populate and maintain a publicly available list of these items on

Forms and Other Resources

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