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Training Program for Small Purchasers


Required Training (available in LMS)

Highly Recommended

As an employee of Washington State or Higher Education, you will take contracts and procurement training through the state's Learning Management System (LMS) in order to gain course credit and certificates of completion. 

Are you a Small Purchaser?

For the purposes of the Contract and Procurement Training Program, you are a small purchaser if you make any purchases on behalf of Washington State. Below are the job duties of Small Purchasers:

  • Conducts purchasing card (P-card) purchases within established limits of authority (refer to organization policy and procedure)
  • Conducts small procurement from master contacts
  • Conducts low-risk direct buys within limits of authority (refer to organization policy and procedure)
  • Supply inventory, stockrooms, office supplies

If you still have questions: Contact the Training and Development team via email