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Big Leaf Maple

Red Oak tree


Acer macrphyllum



Campus Location

East of the Vietnam Veterans memorial

Native Range

Western North America, mostly near the Pacific coast


  • The Capitol grounds have five towering big-leaf maples with mossy trunks. Some of the group features licorice fern growing on their trunks. The species produces leaves larger than any other maple, often the size of a dinner plate, which turn golden and drop in October.
  • Deciduous, growing up to 160 feet tall with a trunk width of 70 feet.
  • Susceptible to maple tar leaf spot in the fall.
  • Landscape uses include specimen, shade tree, parks, large open spaces and nature-scaping.

History and significance:
These trees date from the 19th century and are native to the Capitol grounds. Washington's tallest big-leaf maple, in the Mount Baker National Forest, stands at 158 feet.

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