Visit the Washington State Capitol

Curriculum Ideas - Washington State Government and History


Information students should know before visiting the State Capitol:

Activities to enjoy before or after your visit to Olympia:

  • The Evergreen State is Washington's official nickname. Have students tell why they think Washington has this nickname. Then have them make up a new nickname and tell why they chose it.
  • The state song of Washington is Washington, My Home by Helen Davis. Learn to sing or play the state song in music class. Make up a new song with your students.
  • Washington's state flower is rhododendron, and the state bird is the goldfinch. Have students pick a new state symbol for Washington. They could draw a picture of it and tell why they chose it.
  • Washington's state seal bears a portrait of George Washington and the year 1889. Have students design their own state seal and explain the symbols that they have chosen. (See state coloring book.)
  • Elect a “mock legislature” in your class, draft a bill and pass it through your legislature.
  • Have students write a newspaper article about their visit to the State Capitol.
  • Research a current legislative topic of interest to the class. Students could write letters to their legislators regarding the issue.