Visit the Washington State Capitol

Rules and Policies


For teachers and chaperones

We are pleased that you have chosen the Washington State Capitol as a field trip destination. As you know, the Capitol Campus is home to a variety of state offices and agencies where business is conducted. As your tour will take you through these areas, we ask you to please consider the following:

Our tour guides are not prepared to act as disciplinarians. Teachers and chaperones are encouraged to stay with their group and ensure appropriate behavior throughout the tour. If a student becomes disruptive, the guide will seek assistance from the teacher.

We encourage all chaperones to participate in the control of all students in their group.

  1. Students are expected to be respectful of the building and those who are working or visiting there.
  2. Please review the field trip guidelines with your students prior to arrival.
  3. All food and beverages will be stored upon arrival at the Capitol. A designated location and time will be available for students to eat their lunch.
  4. Please ask your students to leave their backpacks on the bus as they will not be able to take them into the Legislative Building. Leaving backpacks on the bus also reduces the number of misplaced, forgotten and/or lost items. Please note: A first-aid backpack for your group will be permitted while on tour.
  5. Strongly discourage your students from bringing cell phones, pagers and headsets.
  6. Students may carry cameras, notebooks, educational materials and pencils on the tour.
  7. Please encourage students and chaperones to dress appropriately for the weather and to wear comfortable walking shoes.
  8. We encourage students to use the restrooms upon arrival and at lunch.
  9. Keep a list of all the students in your group (including notes on any students with special needs).

For students

  1. Please be respectful of the building, your tour guide, teachers, chaperones, other visitors, and each other.
  2. Students are expected to remain with their group during the Capitol Campus tour.
  3. Food, beverages and chewing gum are prohibited on the tour. Please store these items with your lunch.
  4. We suggest that hats (unless part of a uniform) not be worn on the tour. Special exceptions will be made at the request of the teacher.
  5. Please leave backpacks on the bus as you will not be able to take them into the Legislative Building. Leaving backpacks on the bus helps to reduce misplaced, forgotten and/or lost items as well.
  6. We recommend that platform shoes and/or open faced shoes not be worn on the tour.
  7. Please follow any pre-trip directions given to you by your teacher.
  8. Once on tour, please follow the guidelines given to you by the tour guide.
  9. If you become separated from the group, please go to the information desk located in the front entrance foyer. The desk person will be able to assist you in finding your group.
  10. Please ask your tour guide questions about the building.

Personal items and cameras

Please keep in mind that the bus parking area is some distance away. Once the buses have proceeded to the satellite parking lot, our staff does not have the ability to communicate with the bus drivers. Therefore, students, teachers, and chaperones should remember to carry only those items they will need during their tour when they disembark the bus.

Students and teachers are welcome to use cameras during the Legislative Building tour and while in the Temple of Justice. However, the use of cameras is prohibited when the Supreme Court is in session.

Safety and emergencies

The best way for students to stay safe is to follow the guidelines given by the tour guide at the beginning of their tour. In case of emergency, guides are trained in first aid and CPR and have first aid kits available. We recommend that each class also bring its own first aid kit and information about students with any special medical conditions.