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Wedding FAQs


Who caters events at the Capitol?

You may hire your own caterer for your event. The Capitol does not have its own catering service, nor do we provide recommended caterers. There are many local catering companies with experience working at the Capitol.

Can I rent tables and chairs from Visitor Services?

Visitor Services can provide the following for use at your event:

  • Up to forty six-foot rectangular tables
  • Over 200 chairs
  • Up to seventeen five-foot round tables (for an additional charge of $10/table)
  • Up to eleven bistro-style tables
  • Up to five podiums

Except for the round tables, there is no per item rental charge for these items. We only assess a fee for the staff time required to set-up and remove tables and chairs.

Does Visitor Services provide table linens, chair covers, or other event supplies?

We do not provide any rental items beyond tables, chairs, and podiums. Local caterers or event rental companies can provide these items. When shopping for chair covers, please measure our chairs prior to purchase/rental to ensure they will fit.

Is there somewhere that the bride and/or groom may prepare prior to the ceremony?

There is limited space for participants to prepare for the ceremony inside the Legislative Building. During private events, the participants typically use the public restrooms for this purpose. Depending on availability, there are two meeting rooms on the first floor which may also be reserved for this purpose.

Are there special rules for the Capitol Campus that I should know about?

Because the Legislative Building and grounds are public, historic spaces, certain special rules must be followed. Capitol campus rules include but are not limited to the following:

  • Rice, flower petals, and balloons are not allowed inside the Capitol Building.
  • Indoor displays, signs and banners are only permitted during private events.
  • Lit candles/open flame are prohibited inside the legislative Building. The only exception to this rule is for licensed caterers using sterno warming devices during permitted private events.

Read more about Capitol Campus requirements in our Campus Use Agreement.

Where will my attendees park?

If your event is after hours or on a weekend or holiday, your guests can park adjacent to the Legislative Building. For events during regular business hours or when the Legislature is in session, guests will need to park in visitor parking spaces. For information on visitor parking on the Capitol Campus, visit our Parking & Shuttle Service webpage.