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Our Building Commissioning Program


Have you experienced these problems in your facilities?

  • Poor indoor air quality
  • High energy costs
  • High O&M costs
  • Difficulty maintaining comfortable temperatures
  • High number of deficiencies in newly constructed buildings

If you’ve experienced any of these problems in your facilities, chances are commissioning could have prevented many of them. Through Building Commissioning owners are assured their buildings are built right the first time and their systems perform in accordance with the design intent and the occupants’ operational needs.

Department of Enterprise Services’ Building Commissioning Program develops a team.

Through DES’s Commissioning Program (formerly GA) we help you develop a team whose goal is to ensure that your building operates as it was designed, with fully trained building operators. This team strives to provide you with the most soundly built, energy-efficient and safest buildings in the state. 

The benefits of partnering with Department of Enterprise Services are:

  • We provide assistance and guidance throughout the commissioning process.
  • No need to advertise.  We provide direct access to qualified, reliable commissioning authorities.
  • You select the most qualified commissioning authority for your project.
  • We help negotiate the scope of work and commissioning cost.
  • We write and manage the contract with the commissioning authority for you.

Join the partnership

Any publicly owned or operated facility can participate in the Department of Enterprise Services program. State agencies, community and technical colleges, and higher education are qualified. School districts, cities, counties, ports, hospital districts, and federal agencies are welcome to advantage the program.

Who are Washington’s Consultants in the Commissioning Program?