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Resource Conservation Management Program


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Ronald Major, CEM
(360) 239-4134 or
(360) 407-7911

By adopting a Resource Conservation Management (RCM) program, facility managers can better control utility and operating costs, and reduce occupant complaints.  RCM programs provide data to manage the energy, water and solid waste associated with facility operations that inform long-term plans to lower costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

Enterprise Services provides experienced, professional RCM consultants that partner with facility managers and occupants to develop and implement a customized client plan that is scaled to meet organizational needs.

How can the RCM Program help you manage your energy costs?

Legislative Building Solar Panels

Resource Conservation Management Team Pilot Program

In support of E.O. 14-04, the Department of Enterprise Services Energy Program is excited to announce the launch of the Resource Conservation Management (RCM) Team.

A pilot program is being developed through the 2015-17 biennium for School Districts, Higher Ed and State Agencies (per E.O. 14-04). The successful candidate(s) will receive a no-cost service. Our team will assist in identifying low-cost and no-cost utility efficiency improvements and help develop strategies to carry those improvements into the future. We will team up with local utility providers to identify available utility grants to leverage limited dollars, an to find the best rate possible.

A few of the things we can help with:

  • Utility bill tracking and auditing
  • Developing low-cost energy efficiency projects
  • Identifying utility rebates and other grant programs
  • Strategic planning to shrink your carbon footprint
  • Capital project guidance
  • Frequently Asked Questions

A successful pilot program and continued interest will help the team support the efforts for providing this service in the future. Please contact us at or call Ron Major at (360) 239-4134 for more information about this exciting new opportunity.