Workplace Injury/LNI Claims


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Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to provide you with the medical treatment you need to recover from your work-related injury or illness, partially replace the wages you lose while you are recovering, and help you return to work.

The state of Washington is committed to operating a safe workplace and preventing accidents. Helping our injured workers get back to work as soon as medically possible is a high priority.

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What do I do if I’m injured at work?

  1. lf you are injured on the job or diagnosed with an occupational disease, let your supervisor know right away. Even minor injuries should be reported. If the injury is minor, first aid can be administered at your workplace.
  2. Contact Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (LNI) to file a claim.
  3. If transportation to a medical facility is necessary, a family member, friend or an ambulance should be used. Due to liability issues, a co-worker should never transport you.
  4. If medical attention is required, tell the doctor the injury is job-related. The doctor will provide a 'Report of Accident (Workplace Injury, Accident or Occupational Disease)', which serves as the official claim form. LNI must receive the accident report within one year of the date of injury.
  5. Complete the worker’s section of the Report of Accident.
  6. The doctor will fill in a section of the Report of Accident and will supply information such as the diagnosis and treatment given and provide an estimate of how many days, if applicable, you will be unable to work. The doctor is responsible for sending this report to LNI, which will begin the claim process.
  7. LNI will review the report and make a determination if the claim is accepted or rejected.
  8. Communicate any changes in work status/restrictions to your supervisor and LNI right away.
  9. For occupational diseases or illnesses, the report of accident must be filed within two years of receiving written notice from the doctor that a condition exists and is work related.

Have you been injured at work? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Start by reading Workers’ Comp Claims - what you need to know.
  2. Submit some type of leave (including leave without pay) for every day that you will be absent from work as a result of your injury or illness.
  3. You must submit at least eight (8) hours of paid leave per month to keep your health insurance benefits active.