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Small Agency Services Bulletin January 2017


January 2017

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Important Dates

Jan. 25

  • Due date for agencies that file monthly Department of Revenue (DOR) Use Tax.

Jan. 27

  • Vendors requesting a correction to their 2016 Internal Revenue Service 1099 tax forms should contact DES Accounts Payable at (360) 407-8183 no later than noon on Jan. 27.

Jan. 31

  • Due date for agencies that file quarterly and annual DOR Use Tax.
  • Performance measure actuals for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2016, are due for agencies that report on a quarterly basis.
  • Sick leave buyout options are due back to DES Payroll. If employees opt for sick leave buyout, it will be paid in the Feb. 10 paychecks.

Feb. 6

  • January invoices and travel reimbursement requests are due to DES Accounts Payable for them to reflect in your agency's monthly financial statements.

Feb. 27

  • Due date for agencies that file monthly DOR Use Tax.

Mar. 7

  • February invoices and travel reimbursement requests are due to DES Accounts Payable for them to reflect in your agency's monthly financial statements.

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Important Messages

DES presents successful Legislative & BATS Workshop

Our Jan. 5 Legislative & BATS (Bill Analysis Tracking System) Workshop had 31 attendees representing 20 agencies. Special thanks to the presenters, DES Government Relations Manager Ann Larson and DES Government Relations Specialist Gabrielle Stilwater. The workshop covered:

  • How the Legislature works
  • What to look for and what we expect for this coming session
  • An overview of fiscal notes and what is to come
  • The new BATS format
  • What to cover in your Bill Analyses

View the presentations and the handouts from the workshop.

Leave donations to/from another agency affect your budget

Often employees have excess leave that they may never use or actually lose on their anniversary date. Donating excess leave to other state employees in need and who qualify for shared leave donations is common.

But did you know ... leave donations can affect your budget?

  • If an employee donates leave, the hours AND the monetary value of those hours transfer.
  • If an employee is donating to an employee within the same agency, there is no impact on the agency’s budget except possibly between the agency’s program budgets.
  • If an employee is donating to another agency’s employee, the budget of the giving agency is decreased by the monetary value of the leave being donated -- and the gaining agency’s budget is increased.

Before approving an employee’s leave donation to an employee at another agency, check with your DES budget analyst to see that your agency’s budget can afford the decrease/expenditure.

OFM Accounting welcomes two new staff

The Office of Financial Management (OFM) has hired two new accounting consultants. Anna Quichocho comes from Department of Labor and Industries (LNI) and started Jan. 17. Kennesy Cavanah comes from the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) and also started Jan. 17. Agency assignments will be finalized soon and will be updated on the OFM Accounting Consultant list once complete.

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Small Agency Financial Services News

Important reminder about fiscal note process

The 2017 Legislative Session has started. Please remember that agencies have three days to respond to fiscal notes during session, with a priority for fiscal note requests.

Agencies that have experienced staff turnover are reminded to make sure appropriate staff have access to the systems necessary to the fiscal note process.

DES is working on budget projections

Budget analysts at DES are working on projections for the remainder of FY17 (BN15-17). It is important that each agency partner with their budget analyst to incorporate spending plans into the budget.

The following items should be included in budget projections:

  • Changes to revenue expectations
  • Staff hires, vacancies, retirement leave cashouts
  • Unexpected expenditures (e.g. unemployment, attorney general, auditor, repairs and maintenance)
  • Infrequent expenditures (e.g. annual subscription or insurance payments)
  • Additional travel or meetings
  • Moving expenses, rent increases
  • Future investments

DES Accounts Payable statistics for December 2016

  • A total of 1,889 payments were processed.
  • 1,764 non-travel invoices paid.
  • 125 travel reimbursements for employees and board members/commissioners paid.
  • 15 percent of the non-travel invoices were paid using delegated authority letters provided by agencies.
  • 82 percent of travel reimbursements were submitted and processed through the Travel and Expense Management System (TEMS).

DES Payroll statistics for December 2016

  • 15 New Hires/Rehires
  • 7 Transfer In/Transfer Outs
  • 6 Separations
  • 0 Walk Throughs
  • 2 Overpayments

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Travel Tips

Travel reimbursement is a complicated issue. The Small Agency Services Bulletin regularly highlights travel rules listed in the Office of Financial Management’s State Administrative and Accounting Manual.

Per Diem Taxation

As a quick rule of thumb, if the three-hour rule for meals applies to a traveler submitting for reimbursement, the per diem requested will also be taxable and will be included on the employee’s W-2. When utilizing the Travel and Expense Management Systems (TEMS), the meals must be marked as taxable when applicable.

For more information on the three-hour rule, please refer to SAAM Chapter 10 – Travel 10.40.50.

State mileage reimbursement rate for privately owned vehicles has changed

The state mileage reimbursement rate for privately owned vehicles has decreased from $0.54 to $0.535 effective Jan. 1, 2017.

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