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Small Agency Services Bulletin - May 2016


May 2016

Your feedback is important

Please send your feedback about the Department of Enterprise Services' (DES) Small Agency Financial Services (SAFS). Your feedback helps us improve and better meet your needs. Finance welcomes your feedback at any time.

Important Dates

  • May 26 – Small Agency Liaison meeting, 10 a.m. to noon, 1500 Jefferson Street, Olympia.
  • May 30 –
    • Updates to 2017-19 compensation data due.
    • Be sure furniture purchases through vendors are made by this date and orders are received by June 30 to meet the fiscal year-end deadline.
  • June 7 – May invoices and travel reimbursement requests are due to DES Accounts Payable for them to reflect in your agency's May financial statements.
  • June 15 –
    • Deadline to send cost coding updates to payroll for FY16 (July 25 payroll).
    • If DES prepares invoices for your agency for goods and services you provide to others, submit invoicing information by this date.
  • June 22 – OFM "Rate Day" – 9 a.m. to noon at the General Administration Auditorium, 210 11th Avenue S.W., Olympia.
  • June 28 – Due to State fiscal year-end accounting activity, no accounts payable documents will be processed on June 28 and June 29. FY16 payments will resume on June 30.
  • June 30 –
    • Use compensatory time. The remaining balance will be cashed out on the July 10 paycheck (represented employees only).
    • Last business day of fiscal year 2016 (FY16). All goods and services must be received by this date.
    • Replenish petty cash per the State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM). Checks should not be written between June 29 and June 30 due to impacts to the Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS).
  • July 1 –
    • Submit all payroll items for the June 16-30 payroll.
    • Submit all FY16 commissioners and board members' stipend requests.
    • Submit all FY16 Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) stipends.

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Important Messages

Time to think about the end of the fiscal year

The end of the fiscal year is not far away. To be prepared, please consider the following:

  1. All checks dated June 30 or before will be recorded in FY16, while July 1 and beyond will be recorded in FY17. If you are expecting income or payments for FY16 activities please send a request to the to have the item recorded prior to July 15.
  2. The last working day of the fiscal year is Thursday, June 30, 2016.
  3. Your annual consumable and merchandise physical count should include information regarding the quantity, cost and basis for cost (i.e., weighted average cost, Last In First Out (LIFO) or First In First Out (FIFO) – your inventory method must remain consistent).

Time to think about the 2017-19 biennial budget

Here are some things to think about to when planning your agency's 2017-19 biennial budget:

  1. Now that the supplemental budget is signed, OFM may contact your agency to determine 2017-2019 carry forward levels. Please keep your DES budget analyst informed. If you need help, please call your DES budget analyst.
  2. Decision packages are one set of budget building blocks used to prepare your budget. Agencies must describe and support each requested incremental change to the current budget with a decision package. They are the place for agencies to make a persuasive case for their requests. View a sample decision package on the OFM website.
  3. Consider additional costs (or savings) that will occur in the future because a budget item in the current biennium was not fully implemented.
  4. Evaluate your budget for any economic or demographic factors that will have a significant effect, such as inflation rates or state population changes in certain age groups.
  5. The carry-forward level is a reference point created by calculating the biennial cost of decisions already recognized in appropriations by the Legislature. OFM calculates the carry-forward level and provides agencies with a worksheet for review. Carry-forward levels should be finalized by June 30, 2016.

DES SAFS presented successful "Fiscal Year-End" and "2017-19 Biennial Budget Build" workshop

More than 40 attendees representing DES and 17 agencies attended the May 15 "Fiscal Year-End" and "2017-19 Biennial Budget Build" workshop. Special thanks to Whitney Bannish, Carrie Winslow, Ryan Olson, Paul Bitar, Chad Johnson and Diann Lewallen for presenting. Visit our Workshop webpage to see the PowerPoint presentation.

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Small Agency Financial Services News

DES Accounts Payable statistics for April

  • A total of 1,835 payments were processed.
  • 1,677 non-travel invoices paid.
  • 158 travel reimbursements for employees and board members/commissioners paid.
  • 16 percent of the non-travel invoices were paid using delegated authority letters provided by agencies.
  • 80 percent of travel reimbursements were submitted and processed through the Travel and Expense Management System (TEMS).

Payroll statistics for March

  • 35 New Hires/Rehires
  • 11 Separations
  • 4 Transfers (in/out)
  • 2 Walk Thru
  • 3 Overpayments

Travel Tips

There are no new travel tips at this time.

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