Employee Performance Management



Most employees want to be successful contributors to an organization. They want to know what is expected of them and how they can most effectively achieve those expectations.

Performance management is the process that a manager applies to link an employee’s individual performance to organizational goals and performance measures. Performance management promotes employee engagement, productivity, growth, and retention.

Effective performance management requires that supervisors:

  • Identify the job duties each employee is expected to accomplish.
  • Communicate the competencies (job knowledge and skills) needed to be successful in a position.
  • Ensure that employees have the required competencies, or that there is a process and plan by which they can acquire them.
  • Provide timely feedback on how effectively employees are applying job knowledge and skills to achieve the goals for their position.
  • Reward effective performance.

In the event that performance does not meet established requirements, supervisors must understand how to address performance issues and know the methods that can help improve employee performance.

Please contact your HR Business Partner for support and advice to address employee performance issues.

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