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Workplace Injury/LNI Claims - Supervisors



Preventing injuries takes dedication and work. Ensure employees understand your commitment to safety. Take positive steps to build a safety culture, and don’t tolerate behavior that disregards safety and health rules, and safe work practices.

Take Action

What do I do if an employee is injured at work?

  1. Ensure the employee receives prompt first aid or medical attention.
  2. If transportation to a medical facility is necessary, a family member, friend or an ambulance should be used. Due to liability issues, a co-worker should never transport the employee.
  3. Gather the facts regarding the injury as soon as possible in order to help prevent future injuries.
  4. Call your employee right away to share your concern about the injury. Do what you can to get them back to work as soon as possible.
  5. An employee that is injured on the job and is off work for a period of time may not return to work until cleared by their doctor.
  6. Maintain regular contact with the employee regarding their recovery.
  7. The doctor may limit work activities or reduce the number of hours your employee can work during recovery. Offering light-duty within their restrictions will get your employee back to work faster.