How to Receive EAP Services?


Step 1.

Call the EAP toll-free 1-877-313-4455 or in Olympia call 360-407-9490. Be ready to provide your:

  • Name
  • Workplace
  • Contact Phone #
  • City / County

(If the office is closed or operators are busy assisting other customers, please leave a message with your name and telephone number. Your call will be returned the same or next business day.)

Step 2.

An EAP staff person will ask the nature of your call and determine if you are eligible to receive EAP services. If eligible, you can be scheduled/referred to see a professional counselor to discuss your situation in confidence. (EAP Confidentially Policy)

Step 3.

Complete the client intake packet and bring it to your first EAP appointment.

Note: EAP also offers workplace consultations and assistance in developing strategies to address workplace issues. Consultations are helpful as EAP brings a unique perspective, offers suggestions and options, or advises managers on how to intervene in a situation.

Workplace consultations address issues such as work performance, lowered morale, interpersonal conflicts, and wellness concerns. These issues may be new or long-standing work group concerns.

Early intervention is effective and conveys to all parties that the agency is paying attention and committed to providing a safe and productive workplace.

To learn more, call toll-free 1-877-313-4455 or in Olympia call 360-407-9490.