Yes, your visit to EAP is confidential. However, there are certain state and federal laws that provide for these exceptions:

  • Abuse of a minor child
  • Abuse of an elderly person
  • Abuse of a disabled person
  • Threats to self or others
  • If any of the above are disclosed, the EA Professionals have the responsibility to report this information to the appropriate authority.

    The other exception (RCW 41.04.730) is if your supervisor/HR directly refers you to EAP prior to your initial contact with EAP for work performance issues. EAP is required to let your supervisor know:

    Whether or not the referred employee made an appointment
  • The date and time the employee arrived and departed
  • Whether further appointments were scheduled

Participation or non-participation in the EAP is voluntary and cannot be a used in any decision affecting an employee’s job security, promotional opportunities, corrective or disciplinary action, or other employment rights.