How to request an EAP Presentation

We are leveraging technology to bring EAP right to your desktop! Our presentations are now available via live and recorded webinar, and we can also deliver presentations to your workgroup via live videoconferencing. 

We are able to accommodate some requests for live presentations to workgroups, depending on presenter availability and scheduling. Please call the EAP a minimum of 6 weeks in advance to increase the likelihood that we can accommodate your request. Call Toll-free: 877-313-4455.

When you request a presentation specific to your workgroup, an EAP counselor will schedule a consultation with you to help clarify your goal and assess the concerns you hope to address through an EAP presentation. Sometimes through consultation we are able to determine more relevant or helpful options such as management coaching through EAP, referral to in-depth training resources through DES Training and Development, or mediation and facilitation. If an EAP presentation is right for you, we'll work with the supervisor or manager to schedule.

Types of Presentations

EAP Orientations

Please invite all employees to sign up for a 20-minute EAP Orientation webinar to learn about how the EAP provides free, confidential support for concerns affecting work or personal life. We encourage management and HR to incorporate the EAP Orientation Webinar as a regular part of your new employee onboarding process. Employees can also watch the Orientation on demand anytime!

Upcoming Live EAP Orientations:

Thursday, November 19, 2020



Tuesday, December 15, 2020




(For large group audiences, an EAP Orientation can be scheduled at a particular time via Skype—please call to make a request.)


Management Presentations:

Topics include: Using EAP in Supervision and The Art Form to Giving Exceptional Feedback

Workgroup Presentations and Brown Bags:

Topics include: Building Resilience from Stress, Generations in the Workplace, and Retirement: Emotional and Psychological Impact