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The Office of Risk Management (ORM) maintains a collection of loss prevention videos for Washington State agency use only. These videos are provided for risk management training and other agency loss prevention initiatives.

Borrow a video

Our library video titles are copyrighted and can be loaned only to Washington State government agencies, universities, and community and technical colleges.

State agency borrowing guidelines

To ensure efficient use of the limited collection of videos, the following borrowing guidelines are established for state agencies:

  • Videos will be loaned for two-week periods at a time.
  • To extend courtesy to the next user, please ensure videos are returned to arrive in the ORM office by the indicated due date on the video borrowers form.
  • All videos are loaned free of charge.
  • Videos must be returned via a courier with a traceable delivery system (e.g., UPS, FedEx, or US Postal Service-Certified Mail).
  • Borrowers are responsible for replacement costs of any lost or damaged videos.
  • When requesting videos, allow ample time for mailing prior to intended 'show' date. If the video is intended for training, please indicate the scheduled training date.
  • Unless indicated as an ORM or other state agency produced video, titles listed in the ORM video library cannot be copied. They are protected by copyright.

Reserve a video

To reserve a video, please email Jean Jelinek with your request.

Videos you can borrow/view

Title Length Format Description
Backing and Parking 13 min. VHS
  • Covers practical and simple solutions for avoiding common accidents that can occur when drivers are backing vehicles.
  • Provides simple, but important safety tips when parking vehicles and when driving to parking lots.
Coaching the Van Driver II   VHS
  • A 'self-contained' notebook that packages together a video, instructor’s guide and overheads for drivers of 15-passenger (or other sized) vans.
  • The program has a non-lecture, participant-intensive educational approach and can be presented as a classroom course in one session or shorter, multiple sessions, or can be offered as a self-instruction/assessment course.
  • Subjects covered include: vehicle inspection/characteristics; safe driving skills; driving environments; special considerations; and transporting cargo and passengers. The notebook also contains instructor and self-instruction notes and a driver test form.
  • Note: OFM’s 15-passenger van training requirements allow for agency discretion in the selection of course curriculum, length, or mode of training for 15-passenger van drivers. This video package is provided only as a convenient resource for Washington State agencies, and is not to be construed as required to meet OFM 15-passenger training requirements.
Defensive Driving: A Supervisor’s Guide 17 min. DVD
  • Tips for improving effectiveness in monitoring employees’ driving. Supervisors will learn how to observe behaviors and correct unsafe driving using positive coaching techniques.
Defensive Driving: When Good Weather Goes Bad 18 min. DVD
  • Driving safety tips for all four seasons.
  • Winter covers snow and ice, and other common hazards.
  • Spring covers heavy rains, and hydroplaning as well as high winds.
  • Tips for driving in fog and sun glare conditions are also addressed. It also covers pre-trip vehicle inspections.
Distracted Driving 17 min. VHS
  • Covers the typical actions that contribute to 'distracted' driving and ways they can be avoided. Illustrates the distance a vehicle travels within a few seconds of distraction.
Driving Distractions of the Everyday Driver 18 min. DVD
  • Covers the many types of distractions that drivers are confronted with when operating a vehicle.
  • A review of stopping distance numbers helps to emphasize how little time is available to the driver to avoid a situation when attention is “distracted” from the driving task.
  • Discusses safety practices in the following distraction categories: comfort controls, technology, and exterior distractions. The added impact of poor weather conditions and unfamiliar territory are also discussed.
Driving Distractions of the Professional Driver 17 min. VHS
  • Covers the distractions of the Professional Driver are more complex and tend to differ from day to day. Common distractions such as clipboards, work orders, two-way radios, on board computers, maps, directions, finding an address in traffic as well as the more common types of distractions such as cell phone, GPS device and pedestrians are skillfully addressed in this video.
Driving Safely in Winter Conditions 26 min. DVD
  • Addresses the many common hazards associated with driving in winter conditions.
Driving Safely in the Hazards of Winter 12 min. DVD
  • Covers the needed preparations for both vehicles and driver prior to driving in winter conditions. Safe stopping distance numbers are emphasized for conditions of heavy rain, snow and fog.
  • Safe driving practices when snow removal equipment is on the road is also discussed.
  • Safe practices for gaining control after a skid, as well as driving in windy and foggy conditions are covered.


Road Rage - Combating Aggressive Driving 11 min. VHS
  • Reminds everyone to steer clear of aggressive drivers, practice good driving habits, and keep calm behind the wheel. Presented by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.
Safe Driving Habits: A State of Mind 15 min.

A loss prevention video for state employees who drive State Motor Pool, agency owned or privately owned vehicles on state business. It promotes safe driving to reduce vehicle incidents, crashes, and claims. This is an excellent orientation training tool for new state employees with driving duties to set the tone about the importance of driving safety. The video covers:

  • Governor’s Introduction - Remarks focus on the importance of applying safe driving skills.
  • Three State Employee Testimonials - State employees add a personal perspective to driving safety in describing their state vehicle crash and the valuable safety 'lessons learned' gained from the experience.
  • Tips from the Experts - Washington State Patrol Trooper Johnny Alexander provides simple but effective tips for planning a safe trip, pre-trip vehicle equipment adjustments, seat belt use, and more. Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center crash investigator Rob Kaufman addresses driving distractions, which his and national studies show are a major contributing cause in many vehicle crashes.

Important: While this video provides some defensive driver training-related information, it is not intended to be a stand-alone defensive driving course. For driver training course information, agencies are encouraged to contact their internal training office or Washington State Department of Enterprise Services Training & Development.

Safe Winter Driving 26 min. VHS
  • Covers the basics of driving in wet, icy and snowy conditions. A good 'awareness reminder' of safe driving tips for state employees who must travel during winter weather conditions, or a good foundation of winter driving safety tips for new employee orientation.
Slips, Trips and Falls 15 min. DVD/Presenters Guide Kit
  • Awareness training for a variety of workplaces including general office, light manufacturing, and some outdoor environments. Provides good summary of body mechanics that affect potential for slips, trips, and falls.
  • Covers principles of gravity, friction and momentum and the many causes of slips, trips and falls.
  • Note: While employee oriented, the loss prevention tips in this video have equal application to preventing slip, trip, and fall incidents to those visiting or receiving services at state agency facilities.
Trucks, Vans and Other Delivery Vehicles 20 min. VHS
  • Covers a wide range of typical, but important safety practices while operating trucks, vans and other delivery vehicles.
  • One segment shows a 15-passenger van, but the video is not otherwise dedicated to the specific topic of 15-passenger vans. A training manual is included with the video.
Wake-Up Call: Managers Meeting the Challenge 25 min.

For state government managers and supervisors, this video emphasizes the important role they play in creating professional work environments to prevent workplace conflict that may lead to employment liability complaints, claims, and lawsuits. The video segments cover:

  • Employment Practices Scenarios: Managers Meeting the Challenge - Six fast paced scenarios of fictional managers effectively addressing common workplace situations. (Suggestion: Pause the video after each scenario for agency-specific discussions).
  • Wake-Up Call: Managers Meeting the Challenge-One Manager’s Story - A fictional story of a manager who confronts an employment related issue. The personal impact message is emphasized in scenes where the manager discusses the issue with the employee, human resource experts, and a training instructor.
  • Your Challenge: The Governor concludes with a message to managers and supervisors to take the challenge to help create state workplaces where employees are valued and respected.

Important tips

  • Training Coordination - Agencies are encouraged to coordinate video use with their risk management and human resource offices. Intended video use is to supplement not replace an agency’s required employment training.

Downloadable documents

Labor & Industries video library

This library has a large collection of safety and health videos on a wide range of safety and loss prevention topics—primarily oriented to worker safety with many having a cross-over message for preventing tort liability (such as safe driving videos). This is a free borrowing library available to private sector businesses as well as state and local governments. A second and third choice selection is recommended when calling to schedule videos.

Information about the L&I’s video library and a complete listing of titles, can be located at L&I’s Safety and Health Video Library and Resource Center.