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Welcome to the Leading Others Resource Webpage! As part of our commitment to support you in your leadership development efforts, we are happy to provide you with extra tools to make your Leading Others journey an easier and more enjoyable experience. The links below connect to resources you can use on the job and with your teams. We hope you find them helpful!

Communication Styles
The Colors Communication Styles assessment helps you identify your preferred communication style. Once you understand your preferred style, you can adjust your approach when communicating with others.

Leadership Competencies

Agency deputy directors and other key communities developed this document while creating an enterprise-wide leadership strategy.  This document lists traits of effective and skilled leaders within the State of Washington.  Use it for your continued growthon your leadership journey!

Values Exercise
Leaders navigate many situations, decisions, and conflicts, and must prioritize what matters most.  Clarifying your highest priority values, and the values of the agency that you represent, keeps you on track. 

Free Self-Assessment:  Conflict Styles
There are many styles to approach conflict!  Want to better understand your default style, and see when other styles may be helpful?  Use this free tool, based on the same research as the TKI Instrument (published by CPP, Inc.).

Other Resources

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • EAP Services for Supervisors & HR Professionals
  • Frontline Supervisor Newsletter

OFM Labor Relations
The Labor Relations Section of OFM negotiates master agreements on behalf of the Governor with union-represented employees, as established in the Personnel System Reform Act of 2002.