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Fleet Operations Mileage Reporting


Mileage reporting for Fleet Operations long-term rental vehicles is to be entered by the 20th of each month.

1. Log in to Fleet Operations Info Center

  • Enter your User ID and Password, and click “Login”

2. Select task

  • On the Customer Access screen, click “Administer Equipment Units”. A list of vehicles leased by your agency from Fleet Operations will be displayed.

Note: From this point on, do not use the browser’s “Back” button; use the “Back” button at the bottom of the page instead.

3. Find the vehicle and enter information

  • Under Equip ID (first column) click on the license plate number for the vehicle you are reporting on.
    • If entering mileage for multiple vehicles, you can filter for a specific plate #
  • In the Equipment Details screen, click “Enter Usage Tickets”
  • Under “Basic Information”, enter the following as noted:
    • Start Date – DO NOT change this value
    • End Date – Should only be changed if the odometer reading was taken on a different day than the “End Date” showing
    • Begin Odometer – DO NOT change this value
    • End Odometer – Enter the ending odometer reading
    • Days Used – This is an option field. Contact your Agency Transportation Officer to find out if your agency requires this field be completed. If required, enter numerals only.

4. Save Entries and Log out

  • Click the “Save” button only once. Clicking multiple times will create duplicate entries.
  • Updates are complete when the “Successful Update” message appears between Usage Ticket Information and Equipment Information at the top left of the screen
  • Click the Logoff button to exit Info Center

If you have problems using the system or have questions, please contact Fleet Operations at (360) 664-9210 or