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Leadership Development

LLPA: Diversity Management (1 Day)

(Former Title: HELP II: Diversity Management)

This Leadership Liability Prevention Academy (LLPA) course will help supervisors and managers understand diversity and learn the managerial skills needed in a work environment with a diverse workforce. You will learn to appreciate the importance of diversity while identifying barriers to achieving diversity. This course provides the tools necessary to promote an inclusive work environment and helps you see the value of multicultural differences in coworkers, subordinates, and customers so that everyone is treated with dignity. It combines the challenges of promoting a diverse workplace with techniques to confront bias and prevent stereotyping from entering into the decision making process. This course provides you with skills, tools, and communication processes to assist in addressing complex diversity issues in the workplace.

    Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

    • Know latest case law on diversity issues.
    • Address issues relating to the work environment, employees and customer base.
    • Eliminate bias and discrimination in recruiting, hiring, promotion, and other employment decisions.
    • Address the challenges of an effective diversity leader.

    Competencies covered in this course: Inclusiveness, Relationship Building, Adaptability, Flexibility

      Intended Audience: Public Sector Supervisors, Managers and HR Professionals.

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