Professional Development

Preventing Bullying Behavior in the Workplace (6 Hours)


Learn how to recognize, prevent and end the behavior of bullying in organizations and promote a healthy culture where everyone feels safe and empowered.

This course examines the techniques of individuals who exhibit bullying behavior as well as the workplace culture which allows and even enables such behavior. As a case study, a compelling story from National Public Radio’s, This American Life called, “Petty Tyrant” is used. Originally broadcast in 2010, this story chronicles the events of a school district maintenance worker who for decades used, power, jealousy, intimidation and intrigue to control and bully people in a school district including fellow maintenance workers, teachers, administrators and even the superintendent.

Students in this course will learn how to recognize, name and confront bullying behavior appropriately. They will also learn how to develop action plans and policies which promote a culture where each employee feels valued, safe and empowered to thrive.

Perhaps the most important learning in this class is to help people who want to do something about bullying behavior but simply don’t know what to do. This class discusses the roles and needed actions of leaders, victims, coworkers and even the individual who shows bullying behavior.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize and confront bullying behavior
  • Describe the detrimental effects of bullying on morale, work product, creativity, initiative and profits
  • Develop a policy for preventing bullying behavior in the workplace
  • Establish a safe process for victims and targets of bullying to use to get help
  • Be able to recognize who the people with bullying behavior are in their organization including themselves
  • Help individuals and coworkers develop a plan for restoring dignity and confidence
  • Begin a healthy and sustainable dialogue at all levels to change the culture that enables destructive behavior
  • Develop an outline and script for leaders and managers to use when meeting with employees concerning this behavior
  • Individuals at all levels of an organization will develop an introspective and empathetic outlook to determine how they might be enabling this behavior

Intended Audience: Leaders and employees in all levels of an organization that want to create a safe working environment.

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