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Antler auction racks up funds to nab poachers


June 13, 2012

Money will reward witnesses who report violators

OLYMPIA – Thousands of trophy antlers seized from poachers by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and sold through an online auction have netted state government more than $21,000 to continue the fight against wildlife poaching.

Deer, elk and moose are popular targets for poachers, according to Fish and Wildlife representatives. Legal hunting seasons are designed to control populations, but illegal hunting of these animals can harm populations and create a disadvantage for ethical hunters.

About 1,725 pounds of moose, elk and deer antlers were auctioned through an online site that the Department of Enterprise Services hosts. The effort raised $21,300 for Fish and Wildlife.

Funds from the antler auction will be used to pay rewards to people who report poaching violations that lead to a conviction, said Mike Cenci, the Enforcement Captain for Fish and Wildlife. Some of the funds will also help pay for forensic work used to tie violators to crime scenes, surveillance technology and special investigations into more egregious offenses like illegal trafficking of wildlife.

To report poaching, call 1-877-933-9847, or visit the Fish and Wildlife website for more information.

Enterprise Services’ Surplus Program sells goods ranging from antlers and tools to computers and used vehicles directly to the public, both online and in its Tumwater warehouse. The sale and reuse of the goods keeps thousands of pounds of materials from being dumped in landfills. Proceeds from sales are returned to state agencies to help fund their programs and operations.

Online auctions are popular and the warehouse is open five days a week.

The state Liquor Control Board recently used the same online auction site to sell the rights to liquor store locations to 121 successful bidders, netting about $30 million for state coffers.

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