No-Call, No-Show Process


This process is intended as a guide to assist you in determining next steps when an employee who is expected to report to work has not made efforts to call-in or otherwise notify the agency of their absence.

In the event that one of your employee's does not report to work at their regularly scheduled time, and has not followed agency call-in procedures, please take these steps:

  1. As soon as the supervisor or designee notices that the employee has not reported to work at their regularly scheduled time and has verified that the employee has not notified the agency of their absence, they will call the employee. Record your efforts to reach the employee including date, time and method of outreach.
  2. If the employee does not answer or return your call within one (1) hour, the supervisor or designee will call the employee's emergency contacts. Record the date and time you attempted to reach out to the emergency contacts.
  3. In the event that the supervisor or designee has been unsuccessful in contacting the employee, and the emergency contacts were not able to provide information about the employee's whereabouts, within two (2) hours of the employee's absence, the supervisor or designee will inform Human Resources immediately.