Variable Printing

What is variable printing?

Variable printing creates targeted documents by placing customer-specific text or graphics into a page layout template. Each copy is different from every other copy, containing information directed only at the intended recipient. Personalized letters, account statements and targeted marketing materials are just a few of the uses for variable printing.


Using customized information, barcoding and our intelligent inserter, variable printing allows you to reduce costs, speed turnaround times and increase the efficiency of your communications. Among other things, variable printing makes it possible to:

  • Increase effectiveness by delivering targeted communications to your customers
  • Ensure the security of sensitive information with increased mail integrity
  • Track response rates with barcoded surveys and other documents
  • Reduce waste by automatically selecting the proper inserts for each mail piece

How to order

First, contact your Customer Service Representative to coordinate the production of your project. When you place your order, please provide:

  • A21-A or A24 order form with complete instructions
  • Page layout template file
  • Data file
  • Hard-copy sample with highlighted areas where variable data will be placed

Please furnish your page layout electronically if possible. For best results, use page layout software such as Adobe InDesign to create the base template. We will be happy to help you prepare your files for the best output and turnaround time.