Language Access Contracts

We offer a wide array of language access contracts to meet your needs in communicating with people who have Limited English Proficiency (LEP) or who need communications in sign language—American and other languages.

We created the language access program to help state agencies, higher education, local governments, and others subject to the Americans with Disabilities Act meet spoken and sign language access requirements. This program supports agencies and schools by offering easy-to-use contract solutions for spoken and sign interpreter services.

Additionally, many organizations serve communities in which English may not always be the primary spoken language. Limited English proficiency, or LEP, refers to people who do not speak English as their primary language and have a limited ability to read, speak, write, or understand English. If you need help with your organization's LEP efforts, check out our statewide contracts designed to help you offer a wider range of LEP services.

For statewide contract purchasers

Review our language access guide

We created a guide to help government organizations access language services needed to support their missions. Additionally, it guides Washington state employees, local governments, and other organizations when a person with limited English proficiency needs help.

Watch our language access training videos

Review our videos to learn more about how statewide language access contracts and sign language interpreter services work:

Attend our language access purchaser meetings

  • Purchasers who use these contracts are invited to attend a virtual meeting the last Wednesday of every month where you can ask questions, connect with other purchasers, and discuss your needs around these contracts. To request access to meetings, please contact the Language Access Program Team.
  • If you need a sign language interpreter, spoken interpreter, or captioning, please contact the Language Access Program Team.

Use DES language access contracts

We offer a wide suite of language access statewide contracts that eligible purchasers can use, based on their unique needs.

Note: In the Contract Search application, type "Language Access" into the "Contracts Search" field to pull up language access contracts.

For language service providers 

If you're interested in providing language services, our planned procurement page identifies upcoming contracting opportunities.

Businesses interested in being notified of Washington State bid opportunities must register with Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS).

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