Policies & Other Requirements

Parking Policies


  • Permits are issued by Parking Services, and remain their property. Permits must be turned in before payroll deductions can be stopped.
  • Permits must be properly affixed/displayed as described in permit locations on vehicles.
  • Parking permits are not transferable (they cannot be moved from car to car). Permits are issued to you and assigned to a single vehicle by a unique number. We will verify vehicle registration. If a permit issued to you is found on a different vehicle, loss of parking privileges may occur.
  • Permits may not be transferred from one of your vehicles to another vehicle. Use our online forms to add a car or remove a car. You can also contact Parking Services by phone or in person.
  • If you sell a vehicle, remove all permits and return them immediately with a note explaining that the vehicle is no longer in your possession. Any fines against the vehicle will remain on your record if Parking Services is not notified of the sale.
  • Parking fees will be charged until permits are returned--the parking office will then request the payroll deduction stop. The request can be made online using the cancellation form or in person at Parking Services. Refunds will not be made prior to the date of the online or in person request.

Permanent & Temporary Record Changes

  • If driving an unregistered vehicle to work, you must notify Parking Services no later than 8:30 a.m. using our online temporary car change form or by calling 360-725-0030.
  • Notify Parking Services if you have:
    • Changes in employment status, including retirement, termination, shift change, or reassignment to an off-campus location
    • Changes in vehicles or addresses


  • Washington Administrative Code (WAC) prohibits state employees who work on the capitol campus from parking in visitor spaces.
  • Violations of parking rules may result in a fine being assessed by the Department of Enterprise Services and /or the Washington State Patrol. Repayment of unpaid parking fees associated with misuse of parking facilities may be reported to the WA State Ethics Board, per RCW 42.52.160. A violator's vehicle(s) may be impounded and/or towed at the owner's expense.
  • See below under the Parking Tickets section for more information on infraction notices issued by the Washington State Patrol.
  • Repeated parking violations may result in a loss of parking privileges.
  • If someone is in your assigned space (not applicable to zone parkers) do not block the vehicle to prevent it from exiting the space. This is considered a traffic violation and will be reported to the Washington State Patrol.
  • If someone parks in your assigned stall, do not park in another reserved stall. Go to your assigned overflow lot and contact Parking Services with your license number and the license number of the vehicle in your space.

Parking Tickets

Tickets for Capitol Campus parking violations are issued by the Washington State Patrol and cannot be voided by Enterprise Services' Parking Services. If you believe you received a ticket in error, you may contest it by following the instructions on the back side of the ticket. This information is provided as a courtesy to parking customers. It is not intended as legal advice regarding parking violations. Please contact Parking Services at 360-725-0030 or parking@des.wa.gov if you have any questions.


  • The State of Washington, Department of Enterprise Services, and the Office of Parking Services do not assume or imply any liability for damages incurred while entering, exiting or parking in state parking facilities.

Carpool, Rideshare, and Off-Campus Parkers

  • Carpools and rideshare parkers are allowed to have one authorized vehicle parked at any given time. If you need parking on an occasional basis and are using an alternative commute method, contact the Office of Parking Services for information regarding parking for commuters.
  • Off-campus parkers may be assigned parking on a space-available basis, but not in an area with an existing waiting list.

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