Publications & Reports

A full list of publications and reports organized by DES division.

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Contracts & Procurement


Glyphosate Usage by State Agencies Report

Information Technology Contracts Report

Manuals and Guides

Other Reports and Information

Products Containing Hydrofluorocarbons - Progress and Impact Report

Small Business Participation

Facility Professional Services

Arc Flash Study

Capitol Campus Hillside Stabilization Report

Capitol Campus Utility Renewal Plan

Capitol Lake Dam

General Administration Building Predesign - 2012

Green Building Report

Department of Enterprise Services reports periodically on the progress of green building efforts for public facilities in Washington.

Public Works Procurement

Public Building Energy Use Reports

Executive Order 12-06 Agency Report

Facility Professional Services (Engineering & Architectural) Staffing Report

Portfolio Manager Benchmarking Report

State Capitol Development

Stormwater Management Plan for the Capitol Campus

The permit was issued to the Department of General Administration, prior to its merger with all or parts of four other agencies into the Department of Enterprise Services in October 2011.

Fleet Operations

Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation Report

Fleet Utilization Reports

Zero Emission Vehicles

Printing & Imaging

Consolidated Print Management Status Report

Real Estate Services

Annual Leased Facilities Report

Risk Management

DCYF Tort Study Report

Tort Claim Indemnity Payout Analysis

Surplus Operations

Federal Surplus Property Program


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