Purchase Cards

A purchase card allows you to pay vendors and suppliers quickly, protects your agency from fraudulent spending, and earns rebates throughout the year.

The commercial card services contract is a multistate competitive procurement. It’s led by Washington state on behalf of and in collaboration with states participating in NASPO ValuePoint. This contract was awarded to US Bank effective Jan. 1, 2021. Purchase cards, commonly called p-cards, may be used anytime your agency needs to buy goods and services. Using p-cards improves efficiency, flexibility, and reduces costs in the procurement process.

Learn more about US Bank’s purchase card services.

Benefits of using a purchase card

A purchase card makes buying goods and services easier for your agency. Using a purchase card also allows your agency to:

  • Start earning rebates based on how much your agency spends quarterly and annually.
  • Provide a layer of risk protection against fraudulent purchases.
  • Track spending trends with relative ease for better budget analysis.
  • Lower its administrative costs by streamlining the procure-to-pay process.
  • Monitor transactions in real time online instead of waiting for monthly invoices.
  • Make quicker payments to suppliers.

Earn rebates and incentives with your purchase card

Purchase card users earn rebates based on how much they spend with their purchase card. Rebates are paid back to participating agencies quarterly and annually.

July 2023 update

US Bank changes rebates for Amazon purchases.

See how much other agencies have earned in rebates

Contract 00719: Commercial Card Services:

Effective Jan. 1, 2021.

Professional association membership

The Institute of Commercial Payments (IOCP), formerly the NAPCP, a professional association for the commercial card and payment industry, offers a reduced membership rate for our customers. Use code 0TD3M77KX9XP (expires October 2024) to pay an annual Associate Membership rate of $149.00 (normally $595).

If you have issues with the discount code,email the IOCP Administrative Manager Heidi Kaliher at heidi.kaliher@iocpnow.com for assistance.

Start a purchase card program

  1. Verify that your organization has signed a statewide contract usage agreement, or sign a new agreement.
  2. Send the following documents to Purchase Card Program Manager Michael Lix and US Bank representative Monica Lockett:
  3. US Bank will confirm the receipt of your application within three business days. It will review the documents and financial information within 30 days.
  4. Once you are approved, the US Bank implementation manager will set up meeting to:
    • Make an introduction and train users for online access.
    • Learn about your agency or organization’s requirements for online access.
    • Set up usernames and passwords for your organization.
  5. Your organization must develop internal policies, procedures, and training for the use of p-cards. Let the US Bank implementation manager if your agency needs additional training in this area.
  6. You will receive the online access, a card setup quick reference guide, and the physical cards from US Bank within 10 business days after sending any additional documentation.
  7. Activate your new purchase cards before using them and submit any additional online account requests.
  8. Sign up for our Commercial Card Newsletter to stay informed on p-card best practices and updates.

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This policy applies whenever state issued credit cards or similar methods are used to make purchases. State
issued credit cards, used by agencies to pay for goods and services, improve efficiency, flexibility, and
convenience related to purchasing goods and services.

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