How do I surplus my items?

How do I surplus a vehicle?

What about software?

What about hazardous materials?

What is scrap, and what do I do with it?

Are there times when I don't have to use a surplus request?

Agencies do not have to submit a request to make inventory adjustments for items that were lost, stolen or destroyed by fire. Adjustments made under these circumstances should be handled within each agency. Keep in mind that your agency is responsible for maintaining its own equipment inventory records.

Can I give my surplus to another state agency?

Surplus property can be transferred from one state agency to another without charge if:

  • The owning agency wishes to do so (this is not mandatory).
  • The item has a fair market value less than $500.

A surplus request is not required for this process, but the agency should keep internal records. For more information on this process, see RCW 43.19.1919.

Can I donate surplus items?

Per RCW 43.19.1919 you can donate your items to eligible government entities. Please contact us at surplusrequest@des.wa.gov for an approved list. You must submit a surplus request and receive a surplus authority number to donate items. View Washington Administrative Code 200-360-010 for more information.

What is an Agency Authority number?

This is a number assigned by the owning agency for internal use in tracking surplus documents. We recommend assigning a 2-digit year, a dash and the request number found at the top right hand corner of your surplus document if you do not already have a naming convention in place.

What are the different user rights in the SRMS?

  • Entry – this gives user the right to create a surplus request document for the surplusing of goods, vehicles and equipment through the surplus system. This document will then need to go to a Submitter within your organization for approval before it is sent Surplus for processing.
  • Submit – this gives the user rights to create surplus lists and approving lists/submitting lists to Surplus for processing.
  • Read only – commonly used for audit purposes, allows user to see entered lists and submittals.

If there is a question about eligibility status or to inquire if they are already on a contract to use our service please contact Surplus Operations.

What do I do if I have a lot of furniture to surplus?

Please contact surplusrequest@des.wa.gov to discuss your specific needs as soon as you know of an upcoming move. At least a month's time is preferred to handle large furniture moves.

In general, here are the steps:

  1. Create a surplus request.
  2. Surplus Operations meets with your agency onsite to discuss a plan.
  3. Recycle onsite unusable/outdated furniture.
  4. Surplus Operations advertises your furniture to other State Agencies, Local Government Agencies and Non-Profits be picked up at your location.
  5. Surplus Operations picks up the remainder of the usable items.

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