Separating Employment - Disability Separation


A disability separation is an action taken to separate an employee from service when the employee is unable to perform the essential functions of the position with or without a reasonable accommodation due to medical impairment. A disability separation is not a disciplinary action and can be initiated by either the employee or the employer.

Employee-Initiated Disability Separation

An employee can initiate a disability separation by:

  1. Submitting a written request to their supervisor to separate due to disability and providing supporting medical documentation from a licensed health care provider to Human Resources (HR).
  2. The HR Business Partner reviews the medical documentation to ensure there is enough information to support the employee’s request to separate due to disability. The HR Business Partner contacts the employee to request additional documentation from health care provider if needed.
  3. If the medical documentation supports the request, the HR Business Partner prepares a disability separation letter for the agency's Director to sign.
  4. The signed letter is returned to the HR Business Partner for distribution.
  5. The HR Business Partner mails the signed letter to the employee via certified mail. The HR Business Partner emails copies of the letter to anyone on the carbon copy list.
  6. Supervisor completes the Employee Exit Checklist form.
    • This form is kept in the employee’s Personnel File.
  7. HR Liaison completes the Personnel/Payroll Data Sheet (PPDS). The PPDS should be signed electronically by the Supervisor/Manager and Agency Director.
Employer-Initiated Disability Separation

Employer-initiated disability separations occur when the agency obtains medical documentation that indicates the employee can no longer work due to medical reasons. This may occur through the Reasonable Accommodation process, Family Medical Leave Act, or by submitting medical documentation to the agency. The HR Business Partner ​​​​​​will review the medical documentation to determine whether initiating a disability separation is appropriate.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Business Partner.