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2021-23 Operating Budget Proviso Section 149(4) - 2021-23 Operating Budget Proviso Section 149(4)

2021-23 Operating Budget Proviso Section 149(4)

Draft/Proposed Law
Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5092 requires DES to provide the IT Contracts Report to the legislative fiscal committees.

The full report helps the state identify and track trends on IT spending, terms of contracts, names of vendors, and types of services delivered. We must gather and analyze all of the IT contracts data to send a yearly report to the legislative fiscal committees by Oct. 31.

Affordable Housing Entity Joint Self-Insurance Property and Liability Program Requirements - WAC Chapter 200-120

WAC Chapter 200-120

Current/Adopted Rule
These rules govern affordable housing self-insurance transactions to implement RCW 48.64.

Agency Contract Reporting - DES-210-01


Current/Adopted Policy
This policy establishes agency contract reporting requirements under Chapter 39.26 RCW. The purposes of these reporting requirements are to promote state agency contract transparency, to centralize the location of contract purchase information, and to provide the public with agency contract spending information in a searchable manner.

Alcohol Use Restricted on the Capitol Campus - CSVS.01.01


Draft/Proposed Policy
This policy establishes the minimum standards of accountability and responsibility in the restricted use of
alcohol on the capitol buildings and grounds (Capitol Campus). These guidelines are in addition to the rules and other requirements governing activities at the Capitol Campus.

Alternative Public Works Contracting Procedures - RCW 39.10

RCW 39.10

Current/Adopted Law
Alternative public works contracting procedures may best serve the public interest if they’re implemented in an open and fair process based on objective and equitable criteria. This law authorizes certain supplemental alternative public works contracting procedures, ensures they serve the public interest, and establishes a process for evaluating them.

Appeal of Denial of Use of the Capitol Buildings and Grounds Policy - CSVS.01.02


Current/Adopted Policy
The purpose of this policy is to establish the appeal process available to anyone denied use of the Capitol buildings and grounds (Capitol Campus).

Authorization of DES to fine or debar contractors - RCW 39.26.200

RCW 39.26.200

Current/Adopted Law
This RCW provides DES the authority to fine or debar.

Capitol Building Lands - RCW 79.24

RCW 79.24

Current/Adopted Law
Land given to Washington state by the federal government to build public buildings at the state capitol are designated as “Capitol Building Lands.”

Capitol Campus Use Rate Schedule - CSVS.01.02.S1


Current/Adopted Policy
Applies to anyone using the Capitol Campus for a display or event.

Capitol Lake and Adjoining Lands and Roadways - WAC Chapter 200-210

WAC Chapter 200-210

Current/Adopted Rule
WAC Chapter 200-210 describes how the Department of Enterprise Services may grant access to Capitol Lake and nearby lands and roadways.

Collision/Accident Reporting - BR.01.01.P2


Current/Adopted Procedure
This procedure applies to drivers on official state business who are involved in a collision/accident resulting in property damage or injuries.

Commercial filming, photography, videography, and photography - No. VS-01-03

No. VS-01-03

Current/Adopted Policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide for the safety and protection of state facilities and people.

Competitive Contracting - WAC Chapter 200-320

WAC Chapter 200-320

Current/Adopted Rule
WAC Chapter 200-320 provides clear, simple, fair, and consistent guidance for RCW 41.06.142, which describes how contracting works for state employees.

Complaints and Protests - DES-170-00


Current/Adopted Policy
This policy will focus on the minimum requirements for a more formal complaint and protest process (as required in RCW 39.26.170), criteria for filing a complaint or protest, agency response requirements and timelines, and clear and transparent processes.

Compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act - WAC Chapter 200-10

WAC Chapter 200-10

Current/Adopted Rule
This chapter explains the processes the Department of Enterprise Services uses to comply with the Environmental Policy Act.

Contracting for Goods and Services - WAC Chapter 200-300

WAC Chapter 200-300

Current/Adopted Rule
The purpose of this chapter is to set forth rules and regulations applicable to the purchase of goods and services by, through, or under authority delegated by, the Department of Enterprise Services.

Contracts for Architectural and Engineering Services - RCW 39.80

RCW 39.80

Current/Adopted Law
This law creates a state policy for government agencies that requires them to publicly announce requirements for architectural and engineering services. It also explains how contracts for these services must be negotiated.

Debarment Procedures - WAC Chapter 200-305

WAC Chapter 200-305

Current/Adopted Rule
Codifies executive branch agency regulations. Chapter 200-305 covers debarment.

Delegation of Authority - DES-090-00


Current/Adopted Policy
This policy applies whenever an agency purchases or leases goods and/or services under Chapter 39.26 RCW. The goal is to provide each agency with authority that is tailored to fulfill the agency’s mission.

Delegation of Limited Authority for Real Property Functions and Transactions - RES.01.04


Current/Adopted Policy
The purpose of this policy is to: provide direction and clarity regarding delegation of the statutory authority of the director of the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) under RCW 43.82.010, minimize the risk of the misuse of the director’s statutory authority, and provide a process and criteria by which the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) delegates to other agencies limited authority for real estate functions and transactions.