Safe Place

Safe Place means we provide safe harbor for those who need it.


Governor Inslee's Directive 16-11

The Governor's Office, the Rainbow Alliance and Inclusion Network (RAIN) Business Resource Group, Office of Financial Management State HR Division and the Department of Enterprise Services have worked to ensure state agencies with public-facing offices have the opportunity to be a safe place for all by participating in the Safe Places program - initially created by the Seattle Police Department.

Participation is voluntary

Because each building is slightly different in terms of layout, agency function/purpose and their client needs, it is up to the agency and property managers to collectively choose whether or not to participate.

Pilot program

We are currently piloting building designation only in the cities where local police departments operate a Safe Places program. If your building is located outside of the cities listed below, we are not yet ready for you to participate.

Visit our How To's page to support your agency's participation in the Safe Places program.

Rainbow Alliance
and Inclusion Network (RAIN)
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