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Course Name Course Code
4 Essential Roles of Leadership (16 Hours) 01-09-M627
5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team (14 hours) 2327
5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity (8 Hours) 01-14-PS24
6 Critical Practices of Leadership (8 Hours) 01-09-M640
7 Habits of Highly Effective People (16 Hours) 01-14-PS22
A Culture of Engagement: Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace (8 Hours) 01-14-ER16
Access 2010 Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-T779
Access 2010 Level 2 (16 Hours) 01-04-T780
Access 2010 Level 3 (16 Hours) 01-04-T781
Access 2013 Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-D703
Access 2013 Level 2 (16 Hours) 01-04-D704
Access 2016 Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-D731
Access 2016 Level 2 (16 Hours) 01-04-D730
Access 2016 Level 3 (16 Hours) 01-04-D729
Access Applications (24 Hours) 01-04-D715
Access for All: Written Information and Info Technology (8 hours) 01-03-EW68
Accessible Office Documents 2312
Acrobat DC (16 Hours) 01-04-D735
Active Directory: Design, Development and Administration (16 Hours) 01-04-T888
Addressing and Resolving Conflict LD Workshop (16 Hours) 01-09-M637
Adult Learning Styles (8 Hours) 01-03-EC23
Alleviating Compassion Fatigue and Avoiding Burnout (8 Hours) 01-07-EE71
Application Programming Interface Overview (8 Hours) 01-05-T927
Architecture for Agile Solution Delivery (8 Hours) 01-05-T923
Art of Delivering Positive Feedback (8 Hours) 01-09-M581
Articulate Storyline 3 & 360: Beyond Essentials Level 2 (16 Hours) 01-04-T921
Articulate Storyline 3 Essentials Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-T918
Articulate Storyline: Tips, Tricks, and Gamification (8 Hours) 01-04-T944
ASP.NET Core and Angular Programming (16 Hours) 01-04-T922
Assertive Communication (16 Hours) 01-03-E075
Being an Effective Sponsor of Change (4 Hours) 2345
Budgeting for the Non-Financial Manager (16 Hours) 01-09-M091
Building a Bridge to Powerfully Guide Your Teams (8 Hours) 01-09-M647
Building a Coaching Culture (8 Hours) 01-09-M582
Building a Psychologically Safe Team Culture LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M643
Building a Sustainable Team (8 Hours) 01-09-M599
Building Confidence, Competence, & Credibility (16 Hours) 01-14-EPB6
Building Trust with your Team LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M625
Business Analysis Elicitation & Collaboration and Requirements Life Cycle Management (16 Hours) 01-14-P055
Business Analysis Fundamentals: Framework and Competencies (16 Hours) 01-14-P039
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring (16 Hours) 01-14-P042
Business Analysis Requirements Analysis and Design Definition (16 Hours) 01-14-P058
Business Analysis Solutions Evaluation (16 Hours) 01-14-P057
Business Analysis Strategy Analysis and Perspectives (16 Hours) 01-14-P056
Business Analysis Techniques (16 Hours) 01-14-P045
Bystander Intervention LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M631
C# Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-T901
C# Level 2 (16 Hours) 01-04-T902
Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) Exam Prep (32 Hours) 01-14-P046
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Preparation (32 Hours) 01-14-P026
Change Management: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity (8 Hours) 01-09-M649
Changing World of Work and Employee Relations (8 Hours) 01-09-HR62
Coaching as a Leadership Style (16 Hours) 2261
Coaching Crucial Conversations for Leaders & HR Professionals (4 Hours) 01-03-EC45
Coaching Mindset (4 Hours) 2282
Coaching Past Resistance LD Workshop (4 Hours) 01-09-M636
Coaching with the LPI Assessment (6 Hours) 2315
Coaching Your Remote Team LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M642
Coaching: How Leaders Develop the Next Leaders (4 Hours) 2295
Collaboration in the Workplace (8 Hours) 01-03-EC32
Collaborative Negotiations (16 Hours) 2342
Collecting Meaningful Data (8 Hours) 01-14-GE15
Communicate to Connect: Skills for a Healthy Workplace (4 Hours) 2265
Communicating with your Team: Understanding Styles LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M626
Communication Styles & Skills for Employees (16 Hours) 01-03-E015
Communications Skills in Project Team Management & Leadership (16 Hours) 01-14-P061
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) (24 Hours) 01-07-EE57
Conflict De-escalation: How to Respond when Emotions Run High 2264
Conflict Happens! Skills to Move Forward 2266
Conflict, Compromise & Cordial Co-workers (4 Hours) 2336
CPR Plus Team Formation and Training (4 Hours) 2320
Creating a Culture of Appreciation & Positivity (16 Hours) 2325
Creating a Culture of Recognition (4 Hours) 2281
Creating a Motivational Mindset (8 Hours) 2255
Creating and Sustaining Work life Balance (8 Hours) 01-07-EE65
Creating Connection & Belonging on Teams (3 Hours) 2308
Creating Cultures of Trust Through Psychological Safety (4 Hours) 2296
Creating Psychological Safety Through Conversations (24 Hours) 01-09-M613
Crucial Accountability Add-On (8 Hours) 01-03-EC34
Crucial Conversations for Accountability (16 Hours) 01-03-EC33
Crucial Conversations for Accountability Online eLearning 01-14-PS37
Crucial Conversations For Mastering Dialogue (16 Hrs) 01-03-EC03
Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue Online eLearning 01-03-ECOE
Crucial Conversations Train the Trainer (16 Hours) 01-03-EC41
Customer Service (8 Hours) 01-03-E059
Customer Service: Maintaining a Positive Attitude (8 Hours) 01-03-E077
Cycle of Reflecting (2.5 Hours) 2287
Daily Lean Practices the Washington Way (4 Hours) 01-09-GE29
Dashboards and Data Visualization (32 Hours) 01-04-T828
Data Analysis, Integration and Business Intelligence (16 Hours) 01-05-T931
Data Warehouse Information and Overview (8 Hours) 01-05-T930
Dealing With Troubled, Toxic, or Negative People (4 Hours) 2337
Delegating Effectively (4 Hours) 2256
Design Principles: What You Need To Know (16 Hours) 01-04-D739
Design Thinking (8 Hours) 01-04-T938
Developing & Implementing an Outward Mindset (12 Hours) 01-14-PS33
Developing a Succession Planning Strategy for the Changing World of Work (8 Hours) 01-09-HR63
Disrupting Microaggressions LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M645
Diversity and Inclusion (4 Hours) 01-14-ER08
Editing & Proofreading for Public Sector Professionals (16 Hours) 01-03-EW39
Editing Skills Review (8 Hours) 01-03-EW55
Effective Feedback Coaching Skills (8 Hrs) 2278
Effective Meeting Management (8 Hours) 01-14-M084
eLearning Accessibility Workshop (8 Hours) 01-04-T898
Elemental Leadership (16 Hours) 2288
Emotional Intelligence - Foundations & In Practice (16 Hours) 01-03-EC39
Emotional Intelligence at Work (16 Hours) 2341
Emotional Intelligence in Practice: Manage Workplace Emotions (8 hours) 01-03-EC35
Employee and Labor Relations (16 Hours) 01-09-HR56
Ethics in Decision Making for Human Resources (8 Hours) 01-09-M564
Ethics in State Government (3 hours) 01-14-EPF2
Everything DIsC Management: Harnessing Your Management Style (8 Hours) 2280
Excel 2013/2016 Pivot Tables (8 Hours) 01-04-D712
Excel 2016 Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-14-D723
Excel 2016 Level 2 (16 Hours) 01-04-D724
Excel 2016 Level 3 (16 Hours) 01-04-D734
Excel Formula Favorites: 2013/2016 (8 Hours) 01-04-D747
Excel: Creating Dashboards (16 Hours) 01-04-D746
Excel: Dynamic Excel Charts Made Easy (4 Hours) 01-04-T945
Excel: Interactive Reports (8 Hours) 01-04-T935
Excel: Tools Tricks and Tips (8 Hours) 01-04-D752
Exceptional Coach: How to Assist Others in Going from Average to Excellent (8 Hours) 2258
Facilitating Effective Meetings (16 Hours) 2344
Facilitation Skills Advanced (16 Hours) 01-14-EM02
Facilitator Skills Training (24 Hours) 01-14-EP72
First Aid Plus (8 Hours) 01-07-EE64
First Aid, CPR and AED (8 hours) 2273
First Aid, CPR, AED - Re-certification (4 hours) 2274
Five Dysfunctions of a Team (16 Hrs) 2276
Foundations of Emotional Intelligence (8 Hours) 01-03-EC36
Fundamentals of Coaching Skills for Managers (4 Hours) 2292
Fundamentals of Human Resources (8 Hours) 01-09-HR61
Getting Things Done (GTD) (8 Hours) 01-14-PS10
Getting Things Done Online eLearning 01-14-PSOE
Giving and Receiving Feedback LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M617
Government to Government Training (8 Hours) 01-03-SP14
Grammar Foundations (8 Hours) 01-03-EW53
Grammar Review (16 Hours) 01-03-EW28
Graphic Design Capstone (16 Hours) 01-04-D742
Great Leadership Begins with Trust LD Workshop (4 Hours) 01-09-M634
Grow through What You Go Through – Psychological First Aid (8 Hours) 2334
Helping Difficult Customers (16 Hours) 01-03-E083
How to Ace a Job Interview and Get Your Dream Job (8 Hours) 01-14-PS09
How to Explain Science, Share Data & Build Trust: Psntn Skills for Scientists & Pub Officials (16 Hours) 01-14-EM04
HR Case Studies (8 Hours) 01-09-HR58
HR Risk Management (8 Hours) 01-09-HR57
HTML Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-T791
Human Resource Development (16 Hours) 01-09-HR54
Human Resource Essentials (16 Hours) 01-09-HR51
Illustrator CC Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-D749
InDesign - Designing Publications (16 Hours) 01-04-D741
InDesign CC Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-D748
Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change (16 Hours) 01-09-M602
Internal Dialog - The Language We Speak (8 Hours) 2299
Internet Information Services (8 Hours) 01-05-T925
Interpersonal Communication Skills (16 Hours) 01-03-E008
Interpersonal Conflict Management (16 Hours) 01-03-E00T
Introduction to Elemental Leadership (8 Hours) 2285
Investigator Training Advanced (8 Hours) 01-14-IV02
Investigator Training Core (16 Hours) 01-14-IV01
ITIL Foundation (24 Hours) 01-04-T856
Its a Matter of Style! How to Build a More Effective Team (8 Hours) 01-09-M604
Javascript Level 2: Jquery (16 Hours) 01-04-800
JavaScript Programming Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-T915
Johari Window (2 Hours) 2289
Keys to Building an Effective Team (8 Hours) 2257
Language of Leadership: Enhancing Your Leadership Potential (8 Hours) 01-09-M308
Leadership Command Presence I: Building Acceptance & Credibility while Communicating Influentially (16 Hours) 2259
Leadership Command Presence II: Building Acceptance & Credibility while Communicating Influentially (16 Hours) 2260
Leadership NEXT (8 Hours) 01-09-M615
Leadership Presence (4 Hours) 2262
Leading People Through Change (8 Hours) 2309
Leading & Managing Change (4 Hours) 2297
Leading a Multigenerational Workforce LD Workshop (4 Hours) 01-09-M624
Leading an Inspired Workforce Part I: Empowering Supervision (8 Hours) 2284
Leading an Inspired Workforce Part II: Creating a Motivating Work Environment (8 Hours 2283
Leading at the Speed of Trust (16 Hours) 01-09-M603
Leading Effective Meetings (16 Hours) 2343
Leading Forward to Work-A Four Week Guided Journey (8 Hrs) 01-09-M648
Leading from the Middle: Influencing without Direct Authority (24 Hours) 01-09-M578
Leading Others (Includes eLearnings) (24 Hours) 01-09-M610
Leading Through Difficulty: Emotional Intelligence, Communication & Conflict Management (24 Hours) 01-09-M579
Legal and Effective Hiring for Success (8 Hours) 01-09-M560
Listening Skills (8 Hours) 2302
Long Distance Supervision (4 Hours) 01-09-M639
Make Work More Human (8 Hours) 01-14-PS27
Managing Challenging Conversations - Verbal De-escalation Skills (8 Hours) 01-03-EC54
Managing Change & Making Great Decisions (24 Hours) 01-09-M577
Managing Emotions for Success as a Leader Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M641
Managing Job Stress (8 Hours) 01-07-EE05
Managing Priorities (4 Hours) 01-14-PS03
Managing Stress, Time & Energy For Leaders LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M623
Managing Transition and the Human Side of Change (8 Hours) 01-09-M609
Mediation Tools and Skills (16 Hours) 01-14-EM01
Mental Health First Aid (4 Hours) 01-07-ER14
Mind of a Manager, Heart of a Leader (24 Hours) 01-09-M575
Misconduct Investigator Training (16 Hours) 01-09-HR64
Mitigating Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process LD Workshop (4 Hours) 01-09-M635
Motivating & Coaching to Build Top Talent (24 Hours) 01-09-M576
Motivating Employees (4 Hours) 2293
Motivational Conversations (8 hours) 2332
Motivational Interviewing (16 Hours) 01-14-PS01
Motivational Strengths (16 Hours) 01-14-PS23
Navigating Discrimination Claims & Managing Accommodations (8 Hours) 01-09-HR65
Negotiation Skills for Women (16 Hours) 01-03-EC47
Opiate/Opioid use in the Workplace for Managers (1 Hour) 2313
Organizational Change Management: What it is & Why it Matters (7 Hours) 2346
Organizational Strategic Planning (16 Hours) 01-14-P064
Outlook 2013 Level 1 (8 Hours) 01-04-D698
Outlook 2013 Level 2 (8 Hours) 01-04-D699
Outlook 2016 Level 1 (8 Hours) 01-04-D727
Outlook 2016 Level 2 (8 Hours) 01-04-D728
Outward vs. Inward Mindset (16 Hrs) 2277
Participatory Leadership (16 Hours) 2323
Performance & Development Plan (PDP) (4 Hours) 01-09-M325
Performance Accountability: How to Measure Outcomes (4 Hours) 01-14-GE27
Performance Management in a Just Cause World (8 Hours) 01-09-HR66
Photoshop CC (16 Hours) 01-04-D750
Policy Writing Experience Series (4 Sessions) 2254
PowerPoint 2013 Level 1 (8 Hours) 01-04-D696
PowerPoint 2013 Level 2 (8 Hours) 01-04-D697
PowerPoint 2016 Level 1 (8 Hours) 01-04-D725
PowerPoint 2016 Level 2 (8 Hours) 01-04-D726
PowerShell Scripting (16 Hours) 01-04-T650
PowerShell: Active Directory (8 Hours) 01-04-T802
Presentation Skills (16 Hours) 01-03-E002
Problem Solving the Washington Way (4 hours) 01-14-GE25
Program Benefits Management (16 Hours) 01-14-PS17
Program Management Fundamentals (16 Hours) 01-14-PS14
Program Performance Management (16 Hours) 01-14-PS29
Program Portfolio Management (16 Hours) 01-14-PS13
Program Stakeholder Engagement & Governance (16 Hours) 01-14-PS11
Programming for the Non-Programmer (8 Hours) 01-05-T924
Project Combo: 2010-2013-2016 (Microsoft) (24 Hours) 01-04-T906
Project Cost & Schedule Management (16 Hours) 01-14-P052
Project Driven Change Management (16 Hours) 01-14-P060
Project Execution, Control & Closure (16 Hours) 01-14-P063
Project Initiation and Planning (16 Hours) 01-14-P015
Project Management Essentials (16 Hours) 01-14-P007
Project Management Fundamentals for Non IT Staff (8 Hours) 01-14-PS07
Project Management Scope & Requirements Management (16 Hours) 01-14-P054
Project Quality and Performance Management (16 Hours) 01-14-P035
Project Risk Management (16 Hours) 01-14-P020
Proofreading Skills Review (8 Hours) 01-03-EW56
Prosci Change Practitioner Program (24 Hrs) 2272
Punctuation Skills (8 Hours) 01-03-EW67
Python Programming Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-T949
Reasonable Suspicion (8 Hours) 01-07-ER15
Recognizing Implicit Bias LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M644
Recruitment & Selection (8 Hours) 01-09-HR60
Relational Database Fundamentals (8 Hours) 01-05-T928
Resolving Workplace Conflict (16 Hours) 2307
Respect at Work: Breaking Down Barriers (6 Hours) 01-09-M566
Respect in the Workplace (4 Hours) 2263
Right RESPONSE Primer (4.5 Hours) 2286
Secrets to Providing Exceptional Customer Service (8 Hours) 2303
Security: Internet Privacy and Browsing Anonymously (8 Hours) 01-04-T910
Security: Malware, Networks and More (16 Hours) 01-04-T911
Self Care and Collaboration (2.5 Hours) 01-14-PS31
Self Esteem and Our Internal Dialog (8 Hours) 01-07-EE67
Self-Awareness & Values Driven Leadership LD Workshop (2 Hours) 01-09-M629
Self-Regulation: Engage Movement, Breath, and Ease (8 Hours) 2335
Servant Leadership (16 Hrs) 2275
Sexual Harassment Awareness &Prevention for Managers and Leaders (4 Hours) 01-09-M327
Sexual Harassment Prevention (4 Hours) 01-14-ER03
SharePoint 2013 Administration (24 Hours) 01-04-T859
SharePoint 2013 for Site Owners (16 Hours) 01-04-T843
SharePoint 2013 for Site Users (16 Hours) 01-04-T837
SharePoint 2016 for Site Users (16 Hours) 01-04-D743
Skill Building Workshop (4 Hours) 01-03-EC55
Software Testing for Non-Programmers (8 Hours) 01-04-T946
Speaking with Confidence 01-14-ZM76
Speed of Trust: Foundations (8 Hours) 01-14-PS25
SQL Level 2: Stored Procedures and More (16 Hours) 01-04-T830
SQL Overview for Basic SQL Constructs (8 Hours) 01-05-T929
SQL Server Administration (24 Hours) 01-04-T824
SQL Server Database Development (16 Hours) 01-04-T835
SQL Server Fundamentals (16 Hours) 01-04-T807
SQL Server Integration Services - SSIS (24 Hours) 01-04-T823
SQL Server Performance Tuning and Monitoring (16 Hours) 01-04-T903
SQL Server Reporting Services (24 Hours) 01-04-T834
SQL Structured Query Language Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-T808
Stakeholder Management & Project Governance (16 Hours) 01-14-P062
Stepping up to Supervision: How to Increase Your Influence With Others (8 Hours) 2279
Strategic HR Management (16 Hours) 01-09-HR52
Strengths of Differences (16 Hours) 01-09-M616
StrengthsFinder Introduction: Identify Your Strengths to Meet Your Goals (8 Hours) 01-03-EC43
Success Habits (8 Hours) 01-14-EP04
Systems Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders (8 Hours) 2326
Talent Management Academy (16 Hours) 01-09-HR59
Team Skills: Participating on & Leading Effective Teams (4 Hours) 2294
Technical Writing for Public Sector Professionals (16 Hours) 01-03-EW37
Technical Writing: Editing Techniques (8 Hours) 01-03-EW59
Technical Writing: Proofreading Techniques (8 Hours) 01-03-EW60
The Importance of Self Care (8 Hours) 01-07-EE66
The Power of Habit (8 Hours) 01-14-PS30
The Power of Habit Online eLearning 01-14-PSEO
Time Management (8 Hours) 01-14-M094
Total Rewards (16 Hours) 01-09-HR55
Train the Trainer Part 1: Designing Effective Training Programs (16 Hours) 01-03-EC20
Train the Trainer Part 2: Basic Delivery Techniques (8 Hours) 01-03-EC21
Transitioning to Retirement (8 Hours) 01-14-PS18
Understanding People Through Strengths (8 Hours) 01-03-E056
User Experience 4-Day Intensive (32 Hours) 01-04-T937
User-Centered Design and Usability 101 (16 Hours) 01-04-T820
Verbal De-escalation, Conflict and Self Identification of Triggers (8 Hours) 01-14-ER10
Violence in the Workplace (7 Hours) 01-07-M206
Virtual Meeting Facilitation Basics (4 Hours) 2333
Visio 2016 Level 1 (16 Hours) 01-04-T907
Visio 2016 Level 2 (16 Hours) 01-04-T942
Visual Studio for Software Developers (16 Hours) 01-04-T858
Web & Internet Security (24 Hours) 01-04-T853
Web Application Development with ASP.NET 4 (24 Hours) 01-04-T777
Web Design & Usability Techniques (16 Hours) 01-04-T084
Web Design Principles (16 Hours) 01-04-D745
Wilderness First Aid (16 Hours) 01-14-ER11
Wilderness First Aid Team Building (12 Hours) 2310
Winning the Interview (8 Hours) 2319
Word 2013 Level 1 (8 Hours) 01-04-D700
Word 2013 Level 2 (8 Hours) 01-04-D701
Word 2013 Level 3 (8 Hours) 01-04-D702
Word 2016 Level 1 (8 Hours) 01-04-D722
Word 2016 Level 2 (8 Hours) 01-04-D732
Word 2016 Level 3 (8 Hours) 01-04-D733
Workforce Planning and Employment (16 Hours) 01-09-HR53
Working with Differences & Conflict (10 Hours) 2324
Working with Generational Differences (4 Hours) 01-09-M586
Workplace Civility and Bullying Prevention (8 Hours) 2304
Writing Documents in Plain Talk (8 Hours) 01-03-EW50
Writing Emails (8 Hours) 01-03-EW64
Writing for the Web (8 Hours) 01-03-EW44
Writing Minutes & Meeting Notes (8 Hours) 01-03-EW19
Writing Policies & Procedures (16 Hours) 01-03-EW10
Writing Skills for Public Sector Professionals (8 Hours) 01-03-EW04
XML/Javascript for the Non Tech (8 Hours) 01-05-T926