Inserting & Mailing Preparation Services

Inserting and mailing preparation

Inserting and mailing preparation services save valuable agency employee time allowing them to concentrate on their core business. There are no minimum volumes and the usual turnaround time is 48 hours.

  • Inserting jobs are processed by machine or manually depending on the material and job complexity.
  • Jobs should be scheduled in advance by calling 360-664-9618 or emailing
  • When submitting a job please include the following inside the packaging with the materials:
    • A CMS Mailing Instruction Form (pink slip).
    • The type of work you are requesting, including a 'mail by' date.
    • A sample of the finished mail piece.
    • Disposition of the finished job and any leftover components.
    • A contact name, phone number and email address.
  • Send the materials and instructions to the CMS Insert Section at mailstop 41055.
  • In order to receive the discounted postage rate for letters in windowed envelopes, the addressing must meet USPS regulations.
  • See the state mail guidelines for information about standardizing documents and envelopes.