Agency Vehicle/Reserved Parking

The Office of Parking Services is located at the Capitol Court Building

1110 Capitol Way S - Room 210
Olympia, WA 98504

Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

About Reserved Parking

What is reserved parking? Reserved parking means a single use occupancy stall set aside for sole use by a specific individual or set aside for a specific agency use.

How does Reserved Parking work?

DES through its Office of Parking Services allocates the number of reserved stalls that are available to an agency to assign for a specific use or individual. Generally, signage or pavement markings are used to indicate assigned (reserved) stalls.

How are Reserved Parking spaces assigned?

Agencies are required to follow certain priorities when assigning their allotted parking spaces. Details are included in the Capitol Campus Policies.

Who do I contact about Reserved Parking?

View a list of Agency Parking Coordinators. Or you can contact the Office of Parking Services at: (360)725-0030 or for more information.

Agency Vehicle Visitor Parking

Employees conducting business on the Capitol Campus may park in any visitor lot, and purchase a parking pass for $2 an hour up to eight hours.

Agencies may also purchase an Annual Pass ($280) from the parking office. The pass is valid for one fiscal year and may be used by their employees who travel to and need to park on the Capitol Campus.

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