Shared Leave


The state leave sharing program enables state employees to come to the aid of another state employee who meet the criteria to be eligible to request shared leave donations (WAC 357-31-405 or WFSE CBA Article 14).

Employees may donate accrued leave (WAC 357-31-425 or WFSE CBA Article 14) to a fellow state employee who is suffering from or has a relative or household member suffering from an extraordinary or severe illness or impairment, which may cause the employee to take leave without pay or terminate employment. The employee who is eligible for shared leave must use their own leave in accordance with WAC 357-31-435 or WFSE CBA Article 14, before using shared leave.

Process for Employees Requesting & Receiving Shared Leave
  1. Employee provides the DES Leave Administrator the completed Shared Leave Request Form (if applicable, the Shared Leave Medical Certification Form) and any required documentation (WAC 357-31-405 or WFSE CBA Article 14).
  2. DES Leave Administrator reviews paperwork to ensure employee qualifies to participate in the Shared Leave program.
  3. If the employee qualifies, the DES Leave Administrator will reach out to the HR Liaison to review the employee's personnel file to ensure there has been no documented leave abuse.
  4. The DES Leave Administrator issues approval or denial of the request to the employee with a CC to their supervisor. The HR Liaison will receive the confidential documentation to file in the employee's medical file.
  5. If the employee indicates approval, the DES Leave Administrator will send the HR Liaison a Shared Leave request email to send out to all staff for donations.
  6. Payroll receives, verifies, and processes donation forms. Payroll will also notify the donating employee when donations are processed or if a donation is unable to be processed.
  7. Payroll monitors employee's leave usage to ensure all other leave is used first.
  8. DES HR notifies DES Payroll and the HR Liaison when the employee is no longer eligible for shared leave.
  9. DES Leave Administrator works with employee and depending on their qualifying reason obtains appropriate documentation in order to return unused shared leave. DES Leave Administrator works directly with the employee and DES Payroll to return any hours remaining to the donor.
  10. HR Liaison will ensure all documentation is placed in the employee's medical file.
Process for Employees Donating Shared Leave to Other State Agencies
  1. Employee provides DES Leave Administrator a completed Outside Shared Leave Donation Form
  2. DES Leave Administrator coordinates with HR Liaison to get Agency Director's financial approval and obtains signature on agency head approval letter
  3. DES Leave Administrator submits both forms to DES Payroll and copies the employee on the communication
  4. DES Leave Administrator emails the HR Liaison necessary documentation to file in the employee's medical file

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Business Partner or the DES Leave Administrator.