State Agencies and Educational Facilities

Engineering & Architectural Services (E&AS)

Public Works Projects are initiated by state agency clients submitting a Public Works Request Form to E&AS. Upon receipt of the requisition, a state project number is established and project management responsibilities are assigned.

Our customers or client agencies include:

  • 34 community and technical colleges
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Social & Health Services
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  • Department of Enterprise Services
  • Washington State Patrol
  • The Military Department
  • State boards, commissions, and agencies

We provide:

  • Project Management Services
  • Pre-Design Services
  • Energy Commissioning and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Capital Budget Development Assistance
  • Claims and Dispute Resolution
  • Green Building Advisory
  • Contracting
  • Small and Limited Public Works Assistance
  • Diverse Business Inclusion
  • Advertisement for Bidding

Contact your Project Manager

Correspondence and communication on all issues to or from the A/E shall be channeled through the E&AS Project Manager. Exceptions may be authorized by the E&AS Project Manager for specific projects or situations.

Project Delivery Systems

Let our project managers help you determine which delivery system is best for your project. Learn more about our options for project delivery systems.

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Engineering and Architectural Services