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US Bank changes rebates for Amazon purchases

Effective July 1, 2023, all US Bank rebates from purchases made with Amazon will reduce by 19%. DES announced the impending change to purchasers on June 15. US Bank made this change in accordance with statewide contract #00719 in response to negotiations between Visa and Amazon. This change impacts all US Bank purchasers throughout the country.

This impact should be minimal to state agencies that continue to focus their purchasing efforts on spending with small, diverse, and certified veteran-owned businesses on statewide contracts. Learn more.

How to use your Amazon Business account

We use a statewide Amazon Business account to eliminate purchasers using personal Amazon Prime subscriptions for government purchases. All Amazon purchases must be in compliance with the Direct Buy Policy DES-125-03 and be purchased through the state Amazon Business account.

Agencies should ensure that products are not available through statewide contracts prior to utilizing Amazon. Agency spend with Amazon is not counted towards small business, veteran, or supplier diversity goals.

Agency accounts are grouped under one statewide Amazon Business account, but you will only have access to your own transaction records and administrative controls.

Accounts are available to:

  • State agencies
  • Boards
  • Commissions
  • Higher education institutes
  • School districts
  • Local government agencies
  • Offices of elected officials

To learn more about using the state's Amazon Business account, contact the Contracts and Procurement Business Operations team.

Related policies


A competitive solicitation process must be used for all purchases of goods and services unless there is an exception listed under RCW 39.26.125. Direct buy purchases are one of the exceptions, which do not require a competitive process. Certain public purchases do not justify the administrative time and expenses necessary to conduct a competitive process.

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